April 24, 2018

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Kevin Henkes Live! Join us for an exclusive webcast with beloved children’s book author Kevin Henkes

Kevin Henkes is the creator of nearly 50 books for children. He has written both picture books and novels; his picture books include Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse; Chrysanthemum; and Kitten’s First Full Moon, a winner of the Caldecott Medal. Among his novels are the Newbery Honor Book Olive’s Ocean and the upcoming middle grade novel The Year of Billy Miller.

Join us to hear Kevin talk about his work, his inspirations, and The Year of Billy Miller–an acclaimed and irresistible story about friendship, siblings, and the perils of elementary school. And take this chance to ask him your questions live!

Archive is now available!

We encourage you to set up an assembly for this Livestream Event, so all of your kids, parents, and teachers will be able to watch and participate.

Broadcasting LIVE from Bank Street College of Education in New York City

Sponsored by: Greenwillow Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, and School Library Journal

Moderator: Betty Carter – Professor Emerita at Texas Woman’s University, reviewer for Horn Book Magazine

Scheduled Event Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2:00 PM EST – 60 minutes estimated

Can’t make it September 17? No problem! Archive is now available! and you will get an email reminder from Library Journal post-live event when the webcast is archived and available for on-demand viewing at your convenience!

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  1. Blaire Beathard says:

    Hi! I saw that students might have the opportunity to ask Kevin Henkes questions during the live webcast. I was wondering how that worked, and if we could send in questions from our kiddos. Thanks!!

    • I am also interested in how the Q and A process will work. I’d like to be able to prepare our students and teachers before the event. Thank you!

  2. Karyn M. Peterson Karyn M. Peterson says:

    During the live webcast, there will be a Q&A button on the audience viewer console for virtual attendees to send in their questions.. Someone from Harper will be vetting the virtual questions at the live venue, pulling out the best ones, and presenting them to Kevin verbally. The live audience (kids from Bank St) also have the opportunity to present questions to Kevin, and will do so by lining up at a audience mic. Hope that answers your questions!

    • Lura Kelley says:

      My first graders sure do enjoy Kevin Henkes books! I considered signing up for the live webcast, but wonder if it is more appropriate for older students since the book is directed toward the middle school audience.

  3. I have never done a webcast before, so what kind of technology is required to participate?

    • Hi Michelle,

      You just need a computer with an internet connection. You can run a system test on the registration page to make sure it all checks out and that your Flash is up to date. Hope you enjoy the event!

  4. What is the link for the webcast? I signed up, but never received an email with the link!

    • Dodie Ownes Dodie Ownes says:

      Go to the registration page (click on webcasts tab and scroll down) and there is a box where you can put your email if you have previously registered. If you wait until 1:45 pm ET, you should be redirected right to the event lobby.

  5. I ran the test and found that I needed to “enable my cookies”. I followed the directions, reran the test and still was told that I failed the test. After a half an hour, I decided to go to the website to see if I could view the webcast anyway and I was surprised to see that I could. Unfortunately, I missed half the event. Did any one else have this problem and can it be fixed for future webcasts?

  6. My computer tech had to help me. He enabled the cookies and still got the result you found. Finally, he removed part of the original link (http://vshow.on24.com/view/vts/tys/tys.htm?cookie=true) I think he had to delete the part with the question mark then cookie=true. Once he did that, my system showed that the webcast could be viewed.

  7. Did I hear correctly that we can receive continuing education credit for viewing the webcast? If so, how is that done?

    • Is there a way to access the documents again that went with this webcast? I was not able to print/save them during the webcast. Thanks.

      • If you return to the event archive and attend the event on-demand, you will be able to access the documents in the Resources folder and print/download from there. Thank you for attending this event!

    • There is a certificate of participation in the Resources folder on the audience console that you can download and submit to your local administration.

  8. I registered for the event, but due to last minute issues, was not able to attend. Is there an archive available? Thank you!

    • Karyn M. Peterson Karyn M. Peterson says:

      Hi Linda,
      Thank you for your interest! All of our streaming webcasts are archived for three months. Hope that helps!
      Karyn Peterson

  9. Liz Bourne says:

    I’m the librarian at Westminster (VT) Center School a k-6 school. We registered to participate in the Henkes webcast – it was great! Our 5th graders loved it. But we have other classes which would like to see it. I notice your webcasts are archived, but I can’t seem to find a link to the actual webcast (as opposed to the info about it). Thanks!