February 24, 2018

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Archives for April 2013

Burn Note: The Snapchat of Texting

Burn Note gives users the feeling that they can talk to anyone about anything because each text conversation “self-destructs,” much like Snapchat (the real-time picture chatting application) does with images.

Teens Review ‘If You Find Me’,’Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong’, ‘Burning’, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Scream’ | Book Reviews

Emily Murdoch explores kidnapping, selective mutism, and drug abuse in her debut novel ‘If You Find Me’. Which group will get school funding, cheerleading or the robotics club? In Prudence Shen’s ‘Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong’ the two cliques take the fight to the school election. If you never thought the Burning Man Festival would show up in teen fiction, think again—a local boy and a gypsy girl connect there in Elana K. Arnold’s ‘Burning’. Does R.L. Stine still have his horror chops? Read our reviewer’s take on ‘A Midsummer’s Night Scream’, and decide for yourself.

Teens Review OneRepublic’s ‘Native’ and New Kids’ ’10’ | Music Reviews

“The boys” still have their stuff on New Kids on the Block’s ’10’, the follow-up to their 2008 ‘Greatest Hits’ reunion album, while OneRepublic has continued to add polish and range on their highly collaborative new album, ‘Native’.

Technology is Not the Goal | Tech Tidbits from the Guybrarian’s Gal

As librarians, our role is often one of instructional coach. We are called on to help teachers and students find solutions to challenges. Recently, a teacher asked for assistance in locating 35 iPads for a great lesson idea she had. She teaches Read 180, a class dedicated to helping struggling readers improve their literacy skills. She and two of her colleagues who teach our English Language Learners wanted to use the new app from Apple, iBooks Author, which allows you to create interactive, multi-touch books that incorporate captions, links, and even video. It’s a great tool, but we had a major problem—we don’t have any iPads.

Nominate an Educator for the Johnsonville ‘Best of Us’ Awards

Johnsonville Sausage wants to learn about the educators that make your school, town and community a better place to be. If you or a colleague are helping to “create better places to live through actions taken both inside and outside the walls of the classroom,” are a U.S. citizen over the age of 18, and are employed in a school or organization that supports education, you’re eligible to apply for the 2013 Johnsonville Best of Us award.

Review: Chicagoland Detective Agency #5: The Bark in Space

Chicagoland Detective Agency #5: The Bark In Space By Trina Robbins and Tyler Page Lerner Publishing/Graphic Universe; $6.95 Meet the Chicagoland Detective Agency: Megan, tween goth who composes haiku out-loud on the spot, whenever she’s inspired; Raf, teenage genius and part-time employee of his parents’ pet food store; and Bradley, a talking dog. There’s no […]

Notes on April 2013

In April… …we previewed a brand spanking new children’s publisher. In a Preview Interview, Flying Eye Books laid their 2013 books on the table. …Tim Tebow was my gateway to biography section frustration. After a record-setting fall in popularity, The Tebow Problem hints at larger biography section difficulties. …I made a pitch to host a […]

When Curriculum is Media: The Important Lessons of ‘The Revisionaries’

Students are provided with curriculum in much the same way that religious adherents are provided with scripture, as something whose source and authorship are not be discussed, much less questioned.

Nonfiction for Teen Readers | JLG’s On the Radar

By the time students reach grade 12, the Common Core State Standards require that 70% of their reading should be nonfiction. In order to fulfill this requirement in content area subjects, students will need to read more than their textbooks. Luckily, nonfiction writers for teens continue to create amazing narrative nonfiction that supports science and social studies, and that our kids will want to read.

Educators Celebrate Screen-Free Week

National Screen-Free Week has finally arrived—and, if you’re reading this, you probably haven’t yet taken the pledge to dramatically reduce the time you spend using a computer for the next few days. But many educators (and a kid lit publisher or two) are doing just that, encouraging kids to explore a range of non-screen activities this week, including reading books, going outside, and having fun the old-fashioned way.

Pick of the Day: Moonbird (AUDIO)

Phillip Hoose describes a year in the life of a rufa red knot in the audiobook Moonbird and does a superb job of narrating the text.

Giveaway: Win a Barftastic Backpack of Boredom Busters!

Fifth grader Louie Burger figures that with a goofy name like his, he must be destined to be a king of comedy like his idol Lou Lafferman. One huge problem: he has stage fright. With the school talent show coming up, Louie’s wondering if now is his moment to kill (that’s comedian talk for “make actual people laugh”). Four lucky winners will receive a copy of The Barftastic Life of Louie Burger by Jenny Meyerhoff, and one grand prize winner will receive a Barftastic Backpack of Boredom Busters (great for summer reading programs!) filled with joke items including a whoopee cushion, a rubber chicken, Groucho glasses, and more, plus a copy of the book and a T-shirt.

Review: 17 and Gone

Last week, I reviewed 17 & Gone by Nova Ren Suma (Dutton, 2013). That review was for people who, well, don’t want to know too much about a book going on. So, short version of 17 & Gone for those readers is that Lauren is seeing ghosts, including a girl who may still be alive, […]

Life After Life: A Dialogue

Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life is one of the most buzzed adult books of the year so far.  It has starred reviews from Booklist, Library Journal, and Publisher’s Weekly.  Outside of the library world, it’s gotten glowing reviews from Entertainment Weekly, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and many others.  And it […]

From Blogging to Books: A Tour of Child/YA Lit Bloggers

The road to publication is not a straight line.  It’s not even a single line.  Sometimes it feels to me that there are as many ways to publish a book as there are books to publish.  I started out as a children’s librarian. From there I started to blog.  Then from blogging came some books.  […]

#Holdshelf: April 2013

If I run into you at the supermarket, I’ll probably take a look at what you have in your cart. I can’t help it – I’m just curious about the things people choose when the choice is completely theirs. Same goes for the library hold shelf. Kids can pick whatever books they want, and I’m […]

‘TED Talks Education’ to Air May 7 on PBS

Bill Gates, John Legend, and Sir Ken Robinson are among some of the bigger names joining TED next week to discuss education in the conference series’ first ever televised special. Here is a preview of the event, which was recorded earlier this month in New York City.

Wit and Delight: Jack Prelutsky’s Favorite Poetry Collections

In the fifth and final installment of our series celebrating National Poetry Month, Jack Prelutsky, America’s first children’s poet laureate, offers us five of his top poetry collections for kids.

Sullivan Award Goes to Kathleen Reif

Kathleen Reif, director of St. Mary’s County Library, Leonardtown, MD, is the 2013 recipient of Peggy Sullivan Award for Public Library Administrators Supporting Services to Children. The Sullivan Award, administered by the American Library Association (ALA), is presented annually to an individual in a library administrator role who has shown exceptional understanding and support of public library service to children. The award will be presented at the ALA President’s Program, Sunday, June 30, at the Annual Conference in Chicago.

Jackie Robinson: Remembering an American Hero | Watch and Read

Jackie Robinson’s story is a captivating, inspiring, and important one, and young moviegoers who have seen the new biopic 42 will want to know more about his groundbreaking accomplishments as well as his life and times. Here are some great books to recommend.