February 18, 2018

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SLJ’s Battle of the Kids’ Books Round Two Results

School Library Journal ’s very own version of March Madness, our fifth annual Battle of the Kids’ Books (BOB) elimination contest between 16 of 2012’s best children’s and teens’ fiction and nonfiction books, has been going strong online since March 12, with both Round One and Two having come to a close, though debate continues to rage on in our blog. Ahead of Round Three, which began today, here are the exciting results so far.

Round Two
Match 1 (March 22)
Bomb vs Code Name Verity – Judged by Donna Jo Napoli
Winner: Bomb

Match 2 (March 25)
Endangered vs The Fault in Our Stars – Judged by Martine Leavitt
Winner: The Fault in Our Stars

Match 3 (March 26)
Starry River of the Sky vs Splendors and Glooms – Judged by Thanhha Lai
Winner: Splendors and Glooms

Match 4 (March 27)
Seraphina vs No Crystal Stair – Judged by Paul Griffin
Winner:No Crystal Stair

Round One
Match 1 (March 12)
Bomb vs Wonder – judged by Kenneth Oppel
Winner: Bomb

Match 2 (March 13)
Code Name Verity vs Titanic – judged by Margarita Engle
Winner: Code Name Verity

Match 3 (March 14)
Endangered vs Three Times Lucky – judged by Kathi Appelt
Winner: Endangered

Match 4 (March 15)
The Fault in Our Stars vs Temple Grandin – judged by Deb Caletti
Winner: The Fault in Our Stars

Match 5 (March 18)
Jepp Who Defied the Stars vs Starry River of the Sky – judged by Adam Gidwitz
Winner: Starry River of the Sky

Match 6 (March 19)
Liar & Spy vs Splendors and Glooms – judged by Franny Billingsley
Winner: Splendors and Glooms

Match 7 (March 20)
Moonbird vs Seraphina – judged by Marie Lu
Winner: Seraphina

Match 8 (March 21)
No Crystal Stair vs The One and Only Ivan – judged by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Winner: No Crystal Stair

Fans can still get in on the action at our Battle of the Kid’s Books blog, where comments are still pouring in on the first two rounds. Readers can also use the blog to keep track of their favorites during Round Three this week, to download the illustrated brackets, and even to download high-resolution versions (suitable for printing and display) of the original artwork for each of the matches.

Karyn M. Peterson About Karyn M. Peterson

Karyn M. Peterson (kpeterson@mediasourceinc.com) is a former News Editor ofSLJ.

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