February 22, 2018

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Pictures of the Week: Belleville Library Hosts Three Kings Celebration

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The Belleville Public Library in New Jersey recently celebrated Three Kings Day on Monday January 7. This holiday follows Christmas that is observed on January 6 and commemorates the Biblical story of the three kings who followed the star of Bethlehem. More than 350 children attended the event, which was sponsored by Friends of the Library and included a magic show and snacks. Photo by Richard Yanuzzi.


Two young library patrons wait for the magic show to start. Photo credit by Richard A. Dickon.



  1. So glad to see a public library willing to ‘stick its neck out’ and support a religious-themed event! I’m assuming that you will promote and support similar events related to other faiths, as well? Learning about other people’s faiths, customs and history is a sure way to reduce fear and hostility towards them. Thank you, staff, for taking this brave step!