February 24, 2018

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Archives for February 2011

Author, Editor Janet Schulman Dies at 77

Janet Schulman, an author and editor who fought for equality for women in publishing, died February 11in New York City of complications from lung cancer. She was 77.

Schulman’s death comes just three days after the release of her latest book, 10 Easter Egg Hunters: A Holiday Counting Book (Knopf, 2011), which is illustrated by Linda Davick.

Schulman spent her more than 40-year career in publishing working with several legendary names. She was Dr. Seuss’s editor at Random House for the last […]

The Kids Are All Right: Can we post videos of our children reading picture books? | Carrie on Copyright

Each of our elementary school grades performs a show for students and parents. Are we allowed to use a copyrighted song, such as a Beatles tune, and change its lyrics for the performance? Also, can we sell DVDs of the showsto parents?

—Nancy Cantor, media specialist University School of Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Essentially, you’re modifying a protected work and recording the performance for parents. I wouldn’t worry about it. […]

Help Wanted: How to turn a passion for gaming into an exciting career | The Gaming Life

Computer and video game development and design is a rapidly growing career field. According to the Entertainment Software Association (theesa.com), video game software sales in 2009 reached $10.5 billion. And the good news for students contemplating gaming-related careers is that 300 colleges, universities, and technical schools in the United States now offer programs and courses in video game design and development. There is a wide variety of different career paths available […]

We Interrupt This Program: Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff has second thoughts about our digital practices

Illustrations by Ted McGrath

Ask any kid what Facebook is for and he’ll tell you it’s there to help him make friends. What else could he think? It’s how he does make friends. He has no idea that the real purpose of the software, and the people coding it, is to monetize his relationships. He isn’t even aware of those people, the program, or their purpose.

The kids I celebrated in my early books as “digital natives,” capable of […]

Places in the Heart: Favorite Children’s Books About the Black Experience

To celebrate black history month, we asked some top children’s book creators to choose their favorite titles

Talk about hitting the lottery. That’s how we felt when we asked some of the top kids’ book creators to choose their favorite children’s book about the black experience. The title could be for kids of any age—from a picture book or graphic novel to a chapter book or collection of poems. We told them it could be new or old, […]

A Brave New World | Nonfiction Booktalker

The Earth still has many surprises to offer

While we might sympathize with Alexander the Great, who wept after his last battle because there were no more worlds to conquer, there’s no need for sorrow. Exploration and technology may have scrubbed the modern world clean of secrets, but three new books will inspire joy and curiosity in you and your booktalk listeners about fresh, exotic landscapes.

Sibert Award-winner Sally M. Walker’s Frozen Secrets: […]

Young Adult Friction: Chris Lynch’s ‘Angry Young Man’ examines a fragile psyche on the edge | Under Cover

Photograph by Tsar Fedorsky/Getty Images for SLJ

In your new novel, Alexander and Robert are two teenage brothers being raised by their struggling mom. Can you give us a thumbnail sketch of them?

Sure. Alexander calls himself Xan because he likes the more exotic, outsiderish sound of it. He’s a guy like a lot of guys we know. He’s just a couple of ticks off of making his way in the world. Things just […]

Bullying: The Elephant in the School Yard | Focus On

K-12 resources about bullying

Every week it seems we hear of another incident of cyberbullying, or another school where hazing is nearly institutionalized, or tragically, another young life forfeited after repeated taunting and torment. Parents, schools, government agencies, and related organizations are all scrambling to find ways to address the issue that go beyond simple reactionary punishments.

No one believes that bullying is a problem isolated to teens and tweens. Children tease one another from a […]

Without You, We’ll Be Nothing: A letter to new librarians | Editorial

It’s not easy being a new librarian. We’re in one of our nation’s worst economic downturns, entry-level library positions are few, and when a position does become available, the competition can be fierce (which is why we’re publishing Lisa Von Drasek’s excellent feature, “Hang in There” ).

The situation has been exacerbated by many of our library leaders who, for the past decade, have predicted a massive wave of retirements, resulting in […]