April 26, 2018

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Archives for June 2006

Don’t Buy the Hype | Consider the Source

When it comes to teen reading, the NEA got it all wrong

Hi folks, I’m Marc Aronson, and I love nonfiction. Saying that sounds a bit like A.A., with nonfiction being my addiction. I’ll be hanging around this street corner every month, trying to hook you.

I’ll write about trends in nonfiction books for young readers: new design, approaches, and topics—or interesting old ones. This column aims to be like the best convention parties, where everyone who is doing something interesting […]

Hidden Shadows | Nonfiction Booktalker

Students will be riveted by these compelling accounts of the Holocaust

Children are naturally adventurous, imaginative, and boisterous. It would take a fearful force to throw a dark shadow over their exuberance. That’s what happened in Europe during World War II. Young victims during the Holocaust faced capture, imprisonment, illness, and starvation. Most of them died. Some of them hid.

Children may hide, but they don’t stay hidden. Isaac Millman’s Hidden Child (Farrar, 2005) shows the photograph of a seven-year-old boy set […]

Give ’Em What They Want | What Works

Putting teens in charge of their own library program is a formula for success

How do you create a successful book club for teens? Ask them what they like, let them choose their own titles, and put them in charge of the program. That was our formula for success at the Phoenix Public Library.

Two years ago, teens at our library came up with Read What You Want, a program that allows high school students to read, discuss, and promote books that […]

Disappearing Children’s Books | Up for Discussion

A librarian examines a disturbing trend

I have begun to fret over a question that most people probably don’t spend too much time on: Just what is a children’s book, exactly? This question–possibly not one of the burning questions of our age–is one that evaluators of children’s materials need to worry about.

Few would dispute that most picture books are children’s books, though some reach up to older audiences. Even easier to pin down are early readers. There is a blurring of […]

Punt, Pass, Moo | Under Cover

In Catherine Gilbert Murdock’s 'Dairy Queen,' a farm gal tackles a guys’ game

Your first novel is a humorous look at D. J. Schwenk, a shy, socially awkward 15-year-old who tries out for her high school’s football team. Are you a big football fan?

Before I started working on the story, I knew virtually nothing about football. I mean, I knew what a quarterback was, but I didn’t know anything else about the game.

How is that possible? You grew up in […]

The ‘Terrible Teens’ | Teenage Riot

Understanding adolescent development is key to successful teen services

If you’ve spent time in a grocery or retail store, you’ve probably seen a two-year-old stomp his little feet, scream at the top of his lungs, and lash out at whomever dares to stop his childish, embarrassing behavior.

If you’ve spent time in any place populated with teens, you’ve probably seen something very similar. Suddenly, the “terrible twos” have morphed into the “terrible teens.”

It doesn’t take someone with a degree in […]