February 24, 2018

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Every day 12,000 new blogs are created. Here’s how you can get in on the action.

“Do you blog?”

That’s a question educators are hearing frequently these days, and more and more are responding with an enthusiastic “yes!” The reason? Teachers have discovered that technologies like weblogs—Web sites that are a snap to update—can be powerful teaching tools. And librarians are gearing up to help them.

The educational community’s infatuation with blogging isn’t an isolated phenomenon. It’s part of a quiet revolution in […]

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Me! | What Works

How a mild-mannered librarian became a reading superhero

What can a bookish, Clark Kent kind of guy do to motivate an entire county of kids to read? Quite a lot, I've learned, if he can shed his inhibitions and remember his childhood enthusiasms. Now that I've done that—on TV, no less, and at no small risk to my dignity—I'm convinced that we librarians can use our inner ham to alert kids to the power of books. If it worked for me, […]

Sound Advice | First Steps

Fingerplays, rhymes, and songs help young children become successful readers

Children who play with sounds in their preschool years are better prepared to read when they get to school. Reading specialists use the term “phonological awareness” to describe an early literacy skill that involves the ability to hear and manipulate small sounds in words. Most children who have difficulty in reading have trouble with phonological awareness. Reading specialists suggest that parents and caregivers play language games with their young children. They […]