March 22, 2018

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Archives for February 2005

Electing Research | What Works

Creating a research elective is a great way to teach in-depth skills

Due to time constraints and much focus on No Child Left Behind, I've had a hard time teaching in-depth research skills to my middle school students. So last fall, I approached my principal with an unprecedented idea: to offer kids a semester-long elective on research. What better way to teach comprehensive, analytical skills to those who really wanted a challenge? My principal liked the idea, and I immediately began […]

Ignite the Story Within | Up for Discussion

A librarian makes a case for using storytelling to increase literacy

Storytelling is humanity's oldest form of literacy. Everyone is born with the ability to communicate orally. It is the strongest and most natural way for humans to express themselves. In fact, many of the world's great civilizations and leaders led strictly through oral communication. I can't help but recall this past summer's news coverage of Ronald Reagan's funeral.

Every news channel used the word "storyteller" to describe his charisma and […]

Oh! What a Smart Baby | First Steps

What you need to know about children’s brain development

Have you ever had an opportunity to share 20 minutes of information about a baby's brain development with a group of parents or policy makers and wondered how to select the most significant points to convey? Over the past eight years, we have, and we want to share with you what we've come up with.

Brain research is complicated, but its message is simple: babies are born learning and what they learn is […]