March 23, 2018

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The Problem of Plagiarism | What Works

Students who copy may not know they’ve committed an offense

With so many middle and high school students using subscription databases and the Web to complete assignments, there's a lot more cutting and pasting taking place than we'd like to see. And while it's understandable that teachers would be tempted to give failing grades to plagiarized work, it's unfair to students who may not even know they're committing an offense.

My students at International College, a Pre-K to 12 American school in […]

Teens Will Be Teens | Teen Talk

The latest brain research has a lot to say about adolescent behavior

Most adults are challenged when it comes to understanding teens' motives. "What were they thinking of?" is an all-too-common response. Without a doubt, no developmental period in our lives is more confounding and baffling than adolescence.

Until recently we blamed erratic teen behavior on raging hormones, but scientific research in the last decade has revealed that it's not hormones, but the brain itself that is the culprit. Jay Giedd, […]

The Future of Reading | Up for Discussion

An educator explains why she’s worried and wonders what’s next

I think there is real cause for concern when the skirmishes between advocates of "phonics instruction" and advocates of "whole language" mushroom into all-out reading wars. In many schools, teachers no longer get to find their own creative ways of combining the two approaches; instead they are given prescribed programs to follow in lockstep fashion. While the programs are extensions of phonics-based methods of teaching reading, they are sold under such […]

What Grad Schools Can Do for You

The latest programs are teaching media specialists how to make a big splash in the classroom

If you’re interested in taking a leadership role at your school or just need more creative tips for engaging your colleagues, you may find support from a nearby grad school. Dozens of universities nationwide that offer degrees in library science are involved in innovative partnerships with practicing school librarians. And the collaboration has been mutually beneficial: graduate students gain real-life experience in the work force, […]