May 27, 2016

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Multicultural Literature for Latino Children, Early Literacy, and Storytelling | Professional Reading


This month’s professional reading titles include global offerings for storytellers, a primer on developing literacy skills, and more.

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Parsing a Tale | A Storyteller Shares Tips On Learning “The Old Woman and Her Pig”


Everyone has their own method of learning a story; Judy Freeman shares hers.

East Side, West Side

Thank you, Allie Jane Bruce, for inviting me to come tell a story last week at the Bank Street College library. It was great to TRIP TRAP TRIP TRAP over that bridge one more time. And I loved spending time with my longtime friend Richard Peck, whose new book THE BEST MAN comes out in the […]

Fusenews: Anagnorisis, Masks of the Oculate Being, and More . . .

Morning, folks. I’ve been looking to expand my knowledge beyond just children’s literature, so I figured a good podcast would be the best way to go.  After reading Bustle’s 11 literary podcasts to get your bookish fix throughout the day I settled on Books on the Nightstand as the closest thing out there to a Pop […]

Pixar in a box

This week Khan Academy launched a new project that will absolutely engage your math, science and media teachers, and young filmmakers as well. Pixar In A Box is an new online curriculum that analyzes how the studio fuses art, tech, science, engineering, and math to develop top-shelf animated cinema. Created with middle and high school […]

Expanding the universe of the book

Last week, I attended Laura Fleming’s session on Storytelling in the Digital Age at the West Essex WeTech Conference.  Laura’s talk updated her 2010 Edutopia post, A Primer on Interactive Books. For Laura, it is all about the story and how we experience it.  She contends: Many children expect a different reading experience now.  And […]

Storyboardthat and a comic/storyboarding round-up

StoryboardThat is a relatively new tool that offers an attractive, inexpensive option for creating simple cartoon outlines. I’ve been playing with the free plan that allows for three free saves per day and I love the easy drag-and-drop storyboard creator with the libraries of more than 325 characters, 225 scenes, 45,000 searchable images and the […]

Tellitmyway: the oral tradition meets Reddit

Tellitmyway: the oral tradition meets Reddit

Looking for an authentic strategy for inspiring student writing? Joyce Valenza recommends Tellitmyway, a new nonprofit site, which she describes as a “living, breathing example of the oral tradition in the digital age.”

Friends and Family Gather to Remember Storyteller Diane Wolkstein


Friends and family gathered in New York City on Saturday, September 21, to pay tribute to storyteller, folklorist, and picture book author Diane Wolkstein, who died on January 31, 2013. During the memorial, Wolkstein was honored for her contributions to the world of storytelling through her performances and numerous books, audiobooks, and DVDs of tales she collected from around the world.

Storyteller and author Diane Wolkstein dies at 70

Diane Wolkstein

Acclaimed storyteller, folklorist, and author Diane Wolkstein died on January 31 following emergency heart surgery while traveling in Taiwan. She was 70. Wolkstein’s talent as a storyteller and teacher of storytelling won her international fame; she also wrote more than 20 books, taught mythology at NYU, and hosted a storytelling show on NYC public radio.

SLJ Reviews | Multimedia Storytelling Platform Meograph


New storytelling application Meograph helps users create uniquely dynamic, interactive projects, incorporating Google Maps and Google Earth to generate a story time line, which can be enhanced with images, video, text, audio, and links for more information. SLJ columnist Jeff Hastings walks us through the platform in his video review.

Pictures of the Week: Storytelling in Central Park

Jeslyn and Ben Wheeless performing stories and songs at the Hans Christian Andersen statue. Celebrating 57years of Storytelling at the Statue, the free programs are held every Saturday from 11-12, from June through the end of September.

Jeslyn and Ben Wheeless performing stories and songs at the Hans Christian Andersen statue in Central Park. In its 57th year, Storytelling at the Statue is a free program that is held every Saturday from 11am to 12pm, from June through the end of September.