April 28, 2015

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Everything must change

Everything must change

I was in New York last week to catch up with publishers, Rockefeller Center, and theater. We saw two musicals, Side Show and On the Town (thumbs up for both) and the stage adaptation of Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time (possibly the least rememberable title since Rebecca Stead’s […]

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Reading in the wild

Reading in the wild

Our beloved Bron-Mulder friends, at left, were among the first to enjoy the news that Mr. Tiger Goes Wild had won a 2014 Boston Globe Horn Book Award, as we celebrated with an appropriately al fresco reading of Peter Brown’s book in Central Park yesterday afternoon. I had not worked those page turns in the […]

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Not so far away

Not so far away

Off to New York tomorrow for a little 70s nostalgia (Richard is such a good sport), some modern dance (I am such a good sport),  love and murder, and, oh yes, the announcement of the 2014 winners of the Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards. I’ll be revealing the fated few at 1:00PM on Saturday at a press […]

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They ARE judging you

They ARE judging you

The Boston Globe-Horn Book Award judges will be meeting in Boston this weekend to make their decisions. Anyone have any inside dirt? I’ll be announcing the winners on Saturday, May 31st at BEA, 1:00PM in the Librarians’ Lounge at Javits.

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A true Dutch treat

A true Dutch treat

I hope you jumped on those Sutherland Lecture tickets yesterday because they are gone baby gone–I understand that even the waiting list is full. A big fan of John Green’s books, I am nevertheless nervous about being in an auditorium filled with John Green Girls, beautiful, complicated and ka-razy creatures that they are. Or do […]

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Best Education Picks of NYC International Toy Fair


SLJ selects standout toys for librarians and educators.

New York Resumes Town Halls to Promote Common Core’s Benefits


New York’s education commissioner and Board of Regents members will be speaking at town hall events in New York City on December 10–11 to promote the Common Core. But parents and teachers who oppose the standards—or how they have been implemented—plan to attend to air their objections, they tell SLJ.

NYC with a Cherry on top

NYC with a Cherry on top

Back from New York, where I spent Saturday morning at Bank Street College talking about book reviewing with my sisters at SLJ (Luann Toth), Kirkus (Vicky Smith), and the New York Times (Sarah Harrison Smith). We talked about numbers of books (too many), lengths of books (too long) and the thinking involved in matching the […]

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Me and the girls

Me and the girls

                Saturday morning AT THE UNGODLY HOUR OF 9:00AM I’ll be joining my book reviewing sisters Sarah Smith (NYTBR) Vicky Smith (Kirkus) and Luann Toth (SLJ) for a panel discussion of book reviewing at Bank Street College in New York. I hope you can join us.

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Advocacy Group: NYC Has “Huge Inequities” in Distribution of High School Resources


Data from New York City’s Independent Budget Office, requested by the Alliance for Quality Education (AQE), exposes huge inequities in the distribution of resources in New York City high schools. According to AQE’s analysis, black and Latino students are being denied opportunities available to many white and Asian students.

The 4th Annual NYC Maker Faire Welcomes Educators, Kids


This weekend, thousands of educators, parents, and kids of all ages will join the crowd of DIY enthusiasts flocking to New York City’s 4th annual World Maker Faire New York to see more than 650 makers present original projects celebrating such areas as technology, education, science, arts, crafts, engineering, and sustainability. The family-friendly festival of invention and creativity will also be offering a “How to Make a Maker Space” workshop ahead of the main event.

More early learning

Jenny Brown and the Center for Children’s Literature at Bank Street are putting on an ECE show of their own next Saturday, April 13th. “Literature for Early Childhood: What Do You Need to Know?” runs from nine to noon and will be keyn…

Les Français sont à venir!

In international news, French President François Hollande announced today that in gratitude for our loan of Elizabeth Law to La Ville-Lumière, he is sending some of his country’s most esteemed illustrateurs to New York City for a series of public pourparlers avec some of our own. Here’s the full lineup and schedule.

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Middle School Maverick: NYC Librarian Deven Black on Partnerships, Principals, and Progress

castle hill elementary

New York City middle school librarian and social media devotee Deven Black caught the attention of many in the library community a few weeks ago with an unusual blog post in which he lamented being underutilized by his school. SLJ caught up with Black for a candid interview on his unusual path to librarianship, why partnering with one’s principal is key to a successful school library, and the challenges (and triumphs) of professional development.