July 29, 2016

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A growing ALA Conference Tradition: Commemorative Tattoos


For these ALA book award committee members, it’s all about the tats that bind.

New Collaboration Eases Path to ESSA Implementation


Rosen Publishing and EveryLibrary are doing pro-bono consulting to state level school library stakeholders for ESSA implementation planning.


Innovative Outreach To Help the Youngest Learners


Librarians around the country are showing ingenuity and resolve in early learning outreach. Lisa G. Kropp reports.

Creative Play with “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” | Touch and Go


Young children have an opportunity to experiment with colors, textures, and shapes when they produce art in an app inspired by Eric Carle’s iconic picture books.

How To Crowdsource a Library


The inspiring story of Just. One. Book. The effort rebuilt a school library for the benefit of some very deserving kids in Greenville, CA.

Trend Alert: Kite-Making Workshops


We’ve caught wind of a new trend—kite-making workshops taking place in libraries across the country. Here’s what’s up—and away!

Reflections on the National Week of Making


SLJ’s 2015 School Librarian of the Year shares what her recent time in our nation’s capitol meant to her as a librarian, maker—and granddaughter of immigrants.

Data Crunching Proved This School Library Program Was Crucial


Two determined Nebraska librarians came up with a road map to making strategic decisions based on their school district’s data.

MackinVIA Takes Best in Show at ISTE 2016


The digital content management system was judged on quality, effectiveness, ease of use, and creative
use of technology.

Early Learning’s Pay Gap | Editorial


We depend on and say we value the people who care for our kids in their earliest years—in day-care centers and in home-based child care. Yet we expect them to work for a pittance. It’s time to invest in our kids’ first teachers.

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When Librarians Teach Teachers


Public librarians are training early learning professionals in a range of literacy-boosting skills, from in-depth professional development to puppetry.

This article was published in School Library Journal's July 2016 issue. Subscribe today and save up to 35% off the regular subscription rate.

ALA 2016: “This Is What a Maker Space Looks Like”

thumbfor makerspaces

Heather Moorefield-Lang—who spent the past three years traveling around the world documenting examples of maker spaces— led this session, which was full of surprises.

“The Classroom Bookshelf” Joins SLJ


“The Classroom Bookshelf”—a blog offering lesson plans dedicated to top children’s books—has joined the School Library Journal blog network.

The Voyages of Aladdin and Sinbad | Touch and Go


A thieving villain, a stolen lamp, faraway worlds, and intrigue on the high seas—what more could adventure seekers desire? Here’s an app that offers readers and listeners all that—and introduces them to characters from classic literature.

ALA 2016: Highlights of Diversity Panel Discussion


“Not Your Granny’s Dinner Conversation: Diversity, Race, Sex and Gender” featured seven children’s literature experts, all addressing tough questions and hot topics.

Wisconsin District Successfully Appeals for Maker Spaces in Every School Library


In a time when library funding is in short supply, the availability of a $17,200 grant was something of a rare opportunity for the Wauwatosa, WI school district.

Sign On! Children’s Authors at ALA 2016

thumb Lois Ehlert, S&S, Rain Fish,

Look at which children’s book honorees editorial director Rebecca T. Miller spotted signing autographs and greeting fans at ALA.

Future Ready Schools Announces Project To Recognize School Librarians as Leaders in Learning Transformation


Future Ready Librarians aims to further position librarians as the forerunners in the digital transformation of learning.

Chronicle Fall 2016 Preview Shows Off Unique Approaches for All Ages


The publisher recently shared the anticipation of their next season releases with a gaggle of giddy librarians and booksellers—and a few furry friends.

Greetings! and Farewell | Consider the Source


School Library Journal‘s longtime columnist discusses his current and future projects as he bids farewell to our readers.