October 24, 2016

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Mock Election Worries | Scales on Censorship


A principal moves to cancel a mock election due to the vitriolic tone of the 2016 contest; how teachers should handle student Facebook friend requests.

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Demystifying an Election Year | From Special Interests to the Candidates

every vote matters

If it is a challenge for adults to make sense of this year’s election season, how much more so is it for children and teens? These books will help.

Edwards Award

Edwards Award

And now, for a bit of blatant self-promotion. I am a candidate for the 2016 Edwards Award Committee! The Edwards Award ”honors an author, as well as a specific body of his or her work, for significant and lasting contribution to young adult literature. The annual award is administered by YALSA and sponsored by School Library Journal magazine. It […]

Common Core Comics

It’s hard to believe that November is knocking on the door and the school year is well underway.  (If it wasn’t for Hurricane Sandy, I’d be thinking about elections, Thanksgiving, and yes… the Winter Holidays!) Of course, what my thoughts are constantly busy with are the buzzwords “Common Core” that are being chirped up and […]

Fusenews: Paddington V. Pooh (supporters could call themselves marmalites and hunnies)

You folks have been awfully good about my recent shoddy blogging, so I tip my hat in your general direction.  Jules of 7-Imp and I are putting the final touches on our book for Candlewick editing-wise and, as you might imagine, it eats up large swaths of time like an irate and hungry badger.  There […]

News Bites: Involve Your Students in the Election Process with ePals World Election Center


Get your students interested in the electoral process in the United States and globally with ePals World Election Center. The site includes projects and activities to reinforce K–12 students’ critical thinking skills and cultural awareness by having them learn about candidates, government, and more. Kids have the opportunity to voice their opinions about issues affecting them at home and learn about the elections abroad.

Election 2012: SLJ’s Resources for Kids and Teens


From books and websites to apps, recommended resources on the American political process and the presidency.

The Secret Lives of Presidents: A behind-the-scenes look at the residents of the White House

Picture book cover: Presidents' mothers

Every U.S. president had a mother. Most of them had children and pets. Combine these obvious, but often-unconsidered facts with a touch of humor and they spell can’t-miss booktalks.

Touch and Go: Countdown to an Election

Washington Post Politics app screenshot

Given that this is the first U.S. presidential election since apps have made their way onto most electronic devices, you might think there would be dozens of worthwhile products available on the topic designed for students. Think again.

Sure, there are plenty of apps devoted to November’s election, there just aren’t that many that explain the process to those too young to cast a ballot. Those listed here should get the conversation rolling about how we elect a President and the men who have held that the office.

News Bites: Free Math Resources Tied to Presidential Election Campaign

Curriculum Connections

Free resources: NBC Learn and Carnegie Learning, Inc. are teaming up to provide middle and high school students with “Decision 2012: Election Math,” free math education resources related to the 2012 election. Beginning this summer, NBC Learn videos from the current and past presidential election election campaigns will be combined with Carnegie Learning Interactive Cognitive Tutor Software math problems. The collection illustrates campaign math and statistics, such as predicting winners through sampling; analyzing voting-age populations; and comparing winners and […]