July 20, 2016

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Grumpy Old Men

The Grumpy Old Men are coming your way around three o’clock this afternoon. Check back then at the Talks With Roger page to see us.

Video Games Weekly: Video Games 101: Coming this Fall! What you need to know about the newest consoles

This year is a big year for video games.  Pokemon Go is sweeping the nation, and there is new hardware being released for the Big 3 consoles: Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo within the next 12 months.  Many libraries are still circulating older console games for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii, and justifiably so since many […]

Manga Publishers Expand Catalogs with New License Announcements from Anime Expo 2016

Over the Fourth of July weekend, Anime and Manga fans converged on the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 24th annual Anime Expo. While anime has been the focus of the convention, in recent years manga publishers have been coming to the more specialized event to announce their new licenses. This year, five manga publishers […]

Books on Film: Pop-Up Secrets with Robert Sabuda

When you think Robert Sabuda, you think pup-up books. The guy is a master. A little while back, he appeared on Sprout TV to share some of his knowledge. Keep this in your back pocket to share with kids.

But where will I put it?

“Should this book go in nonfiction or folklore?” ACK, the book review placement problems.The Decider (Martha) is away this week so Shoshana, Elissa, and I are left to our own devices when it comes to deciding what goes in which category of the September/October Magazine review section. A historical illustrated book retelling a real incident but with invented situations and […]

Comic-Con: ‘Mouse Guard Movie,’ ‘Mega Princess,’ and More!

Comic-Con kicks off this week with preview night on Wednesday and the show starting in earnest on Thursday. But publishers have already started rolling out the announcements, so here’s a look at what we’re hearing about so far. Mouse Guard is going to be a movie. Well, it’s in the early stages, but it’s a […]

What’s New in LGBTQIA+ YA July and August 2016

It’s time for another roundup for new and forthcoming YA (and sometimes not YA) books featuring LGBTQIA+ characters.  The titles I’m including here have LGBTQIA+ main characters as well as secondary characters (in some cases parents). Know of a title I missed in this list? Or know of a forthcoming title that should be on my […]

‘And You Shall Know Me by My Twitter Bio’ (#7)

Previously… ‘And You Shall Know Me by My Twitter Bio’ (#1) ‘And You Shall Know Me by My Twitter Bio’ (#2) ‘And You Shall Know Me by My Twitter Bio’ (#3) ‘And You Shall Know Me by My Twitter Bio’ (#4) ‘And You Shall Know Me by My Twitter Bio’ (#5) ‘And You Shall Know […]

There Is a Tribe of Kids: The Current Debate

This year, in 2016, a conversation has sprung up around the picture book There Is a Tribe of Kids by Lane Smith.  The discussion has occurred primarily on blogs and listservs with the occasional mention on Twitter.  I would like to summarize the points here and explain what’s going on, since, unlike A Fine Dessert […]

Tribal trials

The latest book to cause noisy debate among our crowd is Lane Smith’s Tribe of Kids; it began with a post by Sam Bloom at Reading While White but was picked up by Roxanne Feldman, Debbie Reese, and Rosanne Parry. I feel like all concerned have had some good points to make, and I have […]

MakerSpace: Community Feedback

On July 13, 2016, the most amazing letter to the editor appeared in the Mount Vernon News regarding the Teen MakerSpace at The Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County (OH). I tracked down the community member who had written the letter and got her permission to reproduce it here. As you can imagine, […]

Thank God It’s Monday! Blog Tour: My Best and Worst Mondays

  Today we’re participating in the Thank God It’s Monday! blog tour to help celebrate the upcoming release of Jessica Brody’s book A WEEK OF MONDAYS. You can read Jessica’s guest post about her book here. My review is coming later this month. You can check out what other bloggers are saying about their best […]

Books on Film: Moomin in Documentary Land

Have other folks shared this? I bet other folks have shared this. But it’s July, dang it, and I refuse to Google stuff in July! How many professional-quality documentaries out there feature children’s book creators? Not as many as I’d like. Today we have a wonderful documentary of Moomin creator Tove Janssen. The Moomin are […]

Surprising Jolts of Children’s Books in Unexpected Places

Time for another post that justifies my current job.  As you may or may not know, as Evanston Public Library’s Collection Development Manager I buy all the adult books.  Which is to say, they apparently make them for people over the age of 12 these days.  Who knew?  Happily, there are plenty of connections to […]

Sunday Reflections: What Does the World Look Like for Teens?

They say that 2016 is the worst year ever. It’s easy to think that, we’ve already had more mass shootings then I could ever imagine, bombings, and now political coups. When you think about the statistics that are out there, it can be overwhelming for adults. But I want us to step into the mind […]

This Week’s Comics: Powerpuff Dragons

Stock up on summer reading with some of the titles from this week’s new releases. BOOM! Studios closes out their girl detective series Goldie Vance with issue #4. Joe Books continues the adventures of Disney’s Finding Dory with an all-new comic series featuring new tales, while IDW adapts award-winning Disney animated shorts in Mickey Mouse […]

More Yarn! Lynda Mullaly Hunt – ONE FOR THE MURPHYS Unraveled

In the latest episode of The Yarn Lynda Mullaly Hunt talks about her book One for the Murphys. Click the buttons below to subscribe to The Yarn on iTunes and Stitcher: And we have a newsletter! Colby and I put all kinds of stuff on there: book recommendations, other podcasts to check out, and bonus The Yarn […]

Scholastic to Publish Philip Pullman’s First Graphic Novel

Big news from Scholastic Graphix: They will publish The Adventures of John Blake: Mystery of the Ghost Ship, the first graphic novel by Philip Pullman, who is best known for the His Dark Materials trilogy. The story of a time-traveling ship is currently being serialized in the British comic The Phoenix. As Pullman explains in […]

How the Heck to Pronounce “Arnold Lobel”

I’m turning into a single serve site today¹ to do a public duty. Arnold Lobel (you know, the children’s literature legend behind Frog and Toad and other classics) has one of those names often pronounced different ways. Sometimes I would hear “LO-BULL” other times “LO-BELL”. I had no idea what to believe². But a little […]

Friday Finds: July 15, 2016

This Week at TLT Sunday Reflections: Today I Am an Empty Well App Review: Pokemon Go, the very basics, safety issues, and Pokemon Go and libraries Middle School Monday: More Upcoming Titles Book Review: Whatever.: Or How Junior Year Became Totally F$@cked by S.J. Goslee MakerSpace: The Teen reviews The Teen MakerSpace at The Public […]