October 21, 2017

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The HP Chromebook 11 Has Strength and Charm | Test Drive

With its clean, kid-friendly design and cheery accent colors, the HP Chromebook 11 could fit nicely into K–12 classrooms and libraries, writes Test Drive reviewer Joelle Alcaidinho.

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Build Better Robots with LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 | SLJ Review

“The EV3 is one of those toys that transcends consumerism and becomes a pathway into new kinds of hands-on production and learning for kids and adults alike,” writes Chad Sansing in our review of LEGO’s latest version of the popular Mindstorms robotics platform.

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SLJ’s Top 10 Tech Trends for 2013

Flexibility and personalized education: That’s what the learners of 2014 will expect from their libraries. We must be available everywhere, nimbly respond to students’ needs, and allow kids to learn in ways that suit them. It’s an exciting time. Here are the top trends for 2013 and beyond.

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The Best PowerPoint Alternatives for Creating Great Presentations

We’ve all endured “death by PowerPoint.” It’s a painful experience for the audience and probably not all that fun for the presenter either. To help students deliver effective presentations—free of those deadly bullet points—SLJ columnist Richard Byrne cites his go-to applications.

The Debut: The Teen Technology Project, Jeremie Miller

Former teacher and virtual event entrepreneur Jeremie Miller created the Teen Technology Project to marry his passion for technology, teens and social issues. After discovering his project through its Facebook page, I got in touch with Jeremie and asked him to tell me more about his hopes and aspirations for the project.

Tech Tidbits from the Guybrarian: Where do you get your ideas?

The smartest teachers in the world work in my school—they have brilliant lesson plans, amazing classroom management and solid assessment skills. It is really enjoyable to work with them on a project and just when we need it the most, I can say, “This looks like a job for Sound Cloud!” or “Storybird would be great for this fable unit.” I love pulling the perfect tool out of thin air. My teachers think I’m a genius!

SLJ Speaks to National Book Award Finalists

A story about the race to build the atomic bomb, a harrowing tale of the Khmer Rouge’s reign of terror in Cambodia, and an adventure about love, loss, and family are among the National Book Foundation’s five finalists in the Young People’s Literature category.

Make-your-own-ebooks platform: Aerbook Maker

SLJ columnist Jeff Hastings test drives Aerbook Maker, a new platform for creating your very own tablet-ready graphical ebooks.

The Best Animation Tools, from CrazyTalk and Toon Boom to Free Web Apps

Thanks to some new, easy-to-use tools, kids of almost any age can create their own animated films

By Jennifer Stern and Joyce Kasman Valenza

Move over, Shrek. Step aside, Toy Story. Ditto, Kung Fu Panda. Thanks to a slew of new, easy-to-use animation tools, you don’t have to work at Pixar or DreamWorks to create a summer blockbuster. In fact, it’s now a snap for young storytellers to learn the ABC’s of animation. And that’s […]