May 27, 2016

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Macmillan Fall 2016 Preview Puts Back-to-Cool Creativity on Display


From global permutations of the story of creation to a clandestine romance during the Russian revolution, this autumn’s Macmillan’s frontlist will have it all.

Six IL High Schools to Use Library App Created by Local Teen

High school senior Blake Spoerry

It all began when a high school librarian had an idea. Add a senior who just happens to be a programming whiz, and the rest is digital history.

Video of the Week: ‘Hamilton’ Meets High School Neuroscience

hamilton-mental abormalities

Science gets a rap beat in “Mental Abnormalities,” a student’s adaptation of the musical’s opening number.

This Is Not a Picture Book by Sergio Ruzzier | SLJ Review

This Is Not a Picture Book

Ruzzier, Sergio. This Is Not a Picture Book. illus. by Sergio Ruzzier. 40p. Chronicle. May 2016. Tr $16.99. ISBN 9781452129075. 

PreS-Gr 2 –In this winsome examination of the power of words, a little duckling is delighted to find a red book lying on the ground. “Where are the pictures?!” the fuzzy yellow bird exclaims in dismay upon opening it up. The duck flips through the pages, scanning the plethora of print, and begins to recognize some […]

How Remix Culture Informs Student Writing & Creativity


Artistic remix influences kids’ creativity on almost every level. Here’s how, and why you need to understand it.

This article was published in School Library Journal's May 2016 issue. Subscribe today and save up to 35% off the regular subscription rate.

CHOMP On This App | Touch and Go


It’s hard to imagine an app that can rival Chistoph Niemann’s Petting Zooin novelty and engagement. There’s now a contender.

Princeless: Save Yourself! Deluxe Edition by Jeremy Whitley | SLJ Review


Whitley, Jeremy. Princeless: Save Yourself! Deluxe Edition. illus. by M. Goodwin. 168p. (Princeless: Bk. 1). Action Lab. Feb. 2016. Tr $24.99. ISBN 9781632291202.

Gr 4-7 –Princess Adrienne is no hero’s fair maiden, and she is not afraid to say so! She’s the seventh daughter whom her father, the king, has stranded in a tower (his goal is to lure a prince worthy to rule the kingdom of Ashland). Prince after prince has tried to rescue Adrienne, […]

Schools Partner with OverDrive to Offer Books 24/7 in June


The digital distribution platform has teamed up with schools in every state and parts of Canada to allow students to access a collection of interactive juvenile fiction and award-winning YA ebooks.

Making the Transition: Spanish-Language and Latin@-Focused Beginning Readers and Chapter Books


Libro por libro columnist Tim Wadham presents some classic and new works for emerging readers that either feature Latin@ characters or have been translated into Spanish.

This article was published in School Library Journal's May 2016 issue. Subscribe today and save up to 35% off the regular subscription rate.

United States Encyclopedia: People, Places, and Events | SLJ Review

United States Encyclopedia National Geo

United States Encyclopedia: People, Places, and Events. 272p. chron. further reading. glossary. index. maps. photos. reprods. websites. National Geographic. Sept. 2016. Tr $24.99. ISBN 9781426320927. 

Gr 4 Up –Every inch of this book is expertly executed. In the first section, “Story of a Nation,” the author explains in a succession of tidy spreads how the United States was shaped socially, politically, and geographically by major forces, such as the arrival of the English in North America. Following this […]