October 27, 2016

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How Librarians Help Kids With ADHD Thrive


Students with this special need can require more attention in school, including in the library. Here’s how media specialists are guiding them to stay on task, and succeed.

Sixth Annual Follett Challenge Launches


If you have a cool, unique educational program going on at your school, Follett wants to hear about it. The company is giving away prizes consisting of products and services in their latest competition.

Banning the Ban On LGBTQ Filters in Libraries


A California senator’s goal is to make sure LGBTQ sites aren’t blocked on computers at public schools and libraries—where students source information not just for classwork, but for themselves.

New U.S. Department of Education Guidance on ESSA and Early Learning


The DOE has released guidance to help state and local decision makers maximize the opportunities available under ESSA to strengthen early education.

SLJ Leadership Summit 2016: The Power of Purpose


Emboldened attendees left Washington, D.C. with a fresh perspective, new energy, and actionable ideas. 

SLJ Regrets an Error, Updates Reviewer Guidelines


SLJ has corrected a serious error, which appeared in a 2013 review of Tim Tharp’s audiobook Mojo.

Grumpiness, Gumption, and Gratitude | “The Great Gilly Hopkins” Movie Review


The film remarkably retains the book’s essence, even though the main character is a few years older on screen, as played by Canadian actress Sophie Nélisse.

The Book Palace: One Librarian’s Adventure at the Library of Congress


The Library of Congress Summer Teaching Institute turned out to be a dream come true for an elementary school library media specialist.

STEAM, with an Emphasis on “A” | SLJ ISTE Webcast Series


This fall series, sponsored by littleBits, explores the education technology topics educators are talking about this school year, from virtual reality and STEAM to popular culture and digital literacy.

ESSA Action Focus Pivots to Policy Points


State education agencies are trying to find solutions to problems in this new ESSA environment. If you don’t bring the librarian perspective to the next version of the draft, no one else will.

Finalists Announced for the 2016 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature

Recap: The National Book Award Finalists

Here are the five finalists for the 2016 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature, with the corresponding SLJ reviews. Winners of the 67th annual NBAs will be revealed November 16.

Swift Playgrounds: Not Just Another Coding App |SLJ Review


Are your students budding coders? Apple has just released a sophisticated app for students serious about programming. Our review of Swift Playgrounds.

The Surprising Impact of Brain Games on Learning


Playing computer games designed to improve cognitive functions can increase students’ test performance more than traditional methods, such as one-on-one tutoring, according to a Yale study.

Allen Say, Lee and Low, Regina Hayes, and Steven Heller at the Carle Honors Gala


Where else can an Artist, an Angel, a Mentor, and a Bridge meet? Celebrating the work of some of the picture book industry’s greatest achievers.

Carla Hayden Headlines the 2016 National Book Festival


The megastar of this year’s National Book Festival in Washington, DC, wasn’t Stephen King, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, or Salman Rushdie. It was Carla Hayden, the new Librarian of Congress.

Pictures of the Week | Nandana Dev Sen at Books of Wonder


A reading, games, and a yummy cake were all part of the festivities at Books of Wonder on September 25 during the book launch of Nandana Dev Sen’s Kangaroo Kisses.

New York Libraries To Offer Wi-Fi Hotspots to Needy Students


New York City Schools partners with the city’s three library systems, Google, and Sprint to bring free, year-long Wi-Fi service to households without it.

SLJ Controversial Book Survey: Data and Findings


Download SLJ’s 2016 Controversial Books Survey report, exploring self-censorship among school librarians.

At the Intersection of Libraries and Museums


For librarians promoting information literacy and the evaluation of resources, museums—however unconventional—are fertile grounds for incorporating primary sources in lessons and activities.

Banned Books Are Often Diverse Books. Check the Stats.


Twenty-nine books on ALA’s top 10 challenged books lists from 2001–2015 have diverse content.