March 6, 2015

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Stardust and a ‘Ship of Dreams’ | Touch and Go


What do the digital versions of Dean Morrissey’s ‘Ship of Dreams’ and Elin Kelsey’s ‘You Are Stardust’ have in common? A soothing cadence, subtle animations, exquisite artwork, and both offer us an opportunity to let our imaginations soar.

Britannica School | Digital Resources


Britannica Digital Learning
Grade Level: PreK Up

Cost The list price is $525 for up to 700 students and 75 cents for each additional student. Discounts are available for school district and consortium purchases. In addition, some states pay for the subscription in public schools and libraries. The following federal funding is available: Title I, Title II, Title III, Title IV, Title X; Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA); Investing in Innovation (i3); Race to the Top Funds; 21st Century […]

A Virtual Tour of the Giza Plateau | Touch and Go

Screen shot from 'Pyramids 3D' (Touch Press) Photo by Sandro Vannini

A new app takes viewers on a virtual tour deep inside the tombs and pyramids of Egypt’s Giza Plateau.

A (LONG) List of Recommended Apps


Selecting our 10 top apps of the year is always an impossible task. Read our expanded list of favorites from 2011 and 2012.

‘Can*TEEN’ Engages Girls with STEM


AASL (American Association of School Librarians) has announced a partnership with the Carnegie Science Center: Girls Math & Science Partnership (GMSP) to support and inspire girls to see themselves in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers via gaming and online activities through the Can*Teen Career Exploration initiative.

SLJ Reviews Rosen’s ‘Financial Literacy’ Database | Digital Resources January 2013

Rosen Home pahe image

“ How long will it take me to pay off my credit card?” “How do I create a budget?” “What is a trade deficit?” Students can find the answers to these and many other financial questions using Rosen’s most recent entry into the digital realm.

Global Issues, Digital Perspectives

Image from 'Atlas by Collins'

Population growth, extreme weather, global warming—are all topics of interest to students and digital producers. Here’s a round-up of some recent apps that address these issues.

Nick’s Picks | Celebrating World Languages Through Books


In this month’s column we celebrate our multilingual world by showcasing audio and video recordings in a variety of languages from the collection. ¡Disfrute!

Chelsea House Biographies Online | Digital Resources Review

Image of home page of Chelsea House Bio Online

Chelsea House biographies online

A leader in biographies for youth, Chelsea House now offers an online platform that provides in-depth life accounts of influential people from across the world. This easy-to-use, attractive database is a go-to resource for students working on reports and projects.

Grade Level 6 and Up

Cost Pricing is determined by full-time enrollment for schools and by the number of cardholders for public libraries. All prices are for unlimited usage within the institution and include remote-access privileges. Fees start at $410 […]

Tech Tidbits from the Guybrarian: Where do you get your ideas?

Sound Cloud logo

The smartest teachers in the world work in my school—they have brilliant lesson plans, amazing classroom management and solid assessment skills. It is really enjoyable to work with them on a project and just when we need it the most, I can say, “This looks like a job for Sound Cloud!” or “Storybird would be great for this fable unit.” I love pulling the perfect tool out of thin air. My teachers think I’m a genius!

Freedom to Learn: Social Studies Assistance for Students and Teachers | Digital Resources November 2012

Since the 1960s, Scholastic’s “The Cornerstones of Freedom” series has been a mainstay when it comes to reliable history books for fourth- to sixth-grade students. In this online incarnation, the series continues to prove its adaptivity and its relevancy in a radically different learning environment, transforming content from the print books into enhanced ebooks. Each title is supported by an eclectic treasury of related materials that make full use of the online arena, and is backed up by a […]

Shakespeare on the iPad


It’s a boon year for students of Shakespeare and thespians: from Sourcebooks, Inc. and Touch Press come interactive resources that will change the way readers experience the Bard’s works. Sourcebooks has just released three titles in its “Shakesperience” series that promise to “transport readers from the page to the stage”: “Othello,” “‘Romeo and Juliet,” and “Hamlet.” Each iBook provides the text of the play along with insight from actors on their roles, audio and visuals of celebrated performances, and much more. Extensive commentary and notes, and video recordings of famed actors performing each of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets, are among the highlights of the stunning “Sonnets by William Shakespeare” from Touch Press.

World book’s print standard gets new life: Solid Scholarship Meets Navigational Ease | Digital Resources

When it comes to research, World Book has long held a special place in the hearts of librarians and teachers alike. In the rapidly evolving world of online resources and shrinking budgets, though, acquisitions can no longer be based on past reputation. Students need current, easily accessible information, while librarians must purchase products that meet ever-changing curriculum standards without breaking the bank, needs that World Book Advanced meets with flair.

World book Advanced

Grade Level: 9 […]

Tech Tidbits from the Guybrarian: Are You Flipping?

Flipped Classroom

So, what’s the buzz on supporting online instruction?

Like many of you, several of our teachers started the new school year wanting to broaden the way they instruct their students. Here are a couple of examples of teachers who have successfully flipped their classrooms or used online techniques to give their students feedback.

Series Nonfiction Gets a Makeover: Rosen PowerKnowledge Science Suite | Digital Resources

PowerKnowledge Home Page

In the market for a comprehensive, curriculum-friendly online resource? Shop no more. Rosen PowerKids’s impressive five decades’ worth of science knowledge is now updated and available in a logically arranged digital format. PowerKnowledge provides content in three lively databases—Earth and Space Science, Life Science, and Physical Science—that are tailored toward the curricular needs and the interests of young readers. All entries are “correlated to state and national science curriculum standards, and Canadian provincial learning outcomes,” which makes the material sound dry, but via this vehicle, it is made entertaining using multimedia, games, and more.

Hot Topics for Teens and Tweens: Financial Literacy and CyberSmarts


Rosen Digital has just announced the launch of two new digital resources for middle school and high school students: Financial Literacy, an online database for economics and personal finance; and Teen CyberSmarts, an interactive ebook program that teaches kids about digital citizenship and cyber safety. Both programs have been specifically designed to support Common Core learning standards. And SLJTeen readers have a chance to evaluate both of these for free through October 5, 2012.

Best of Apps & Enhanced Books: July 2012

Iceberg in Moonlight, South Orkney Islands (Lynch)

Iceberg in Moonlight, South Orkney Islands (Lynch)©Wayne Lynch with permission of Matchbook Digital LLC.

Reviews in this column first appeared in SLJ ’s blog Touch and Go. After each review, you’ll find the date it appeared online. Online, there are links to related resources, a trailer (if one exists), and a “purchase” button. Please note that later versions of some of these titles may now be available. Visit Touch and Go at for additional reviews, commentary, and interviews […]

From Learning Letters to Online Literacy: Language & Literature | Series Made Simple Spring 2012

These series tackle different facets of literacy: reading, writing, researching, and evaluating information disseminated by the mass media. Beginning with the basics, three series subsets from Teacher Created Materials Publishing are designed for early childhood learners just starting to identify letters, sounds, sight words, and short sentences. Next, Heinemann’s “Getting to Grips with Grammar” introduces the building blocks of writing before readers move on to penning pieces with Capstone’s “First Facts: You Can Write” collection for elementary school students. For […]

Tech Tidbits from the Guybrarian and His Gal: Shallow Research

EasyBib logo

In a recent Pew Internet study called How Teens Do Research the Digital World, AP and National Writing Project teachers said that one of educators’ top priorities should be to teach students how to “judge the quality of online information.” The study reports that 95 percent of our students do online research, but their research skills are only good or fair. Also, for many students, doing research means Googling. Many students see research as a fast-paced process in which they […]

Marr Memorial Library Web site

“This is an exciting time to be a deaf person,” said Martha Emrey, Librarian at the Marr Memorial Library at the Tennessee School for the Deaf in Knoxville. “The information provided via the Internet is no more than a few keystrokes away; e-mail allows communication on an equal plane with non-deaf people; and technology in general is a source for future job opportunities for our students.” That’s a big part of the reason she has created a site to meet […]