December 15, 2017

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Flying Frogs and Walking Fish: Leaping Lemurs, Tumbling Toads, Jet-Propelled Jellyfish, and More Surprising Ways That Animals Move by Steve Jenkins & Robin Page | SLJ Review

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redstarJenkins, Steve & Robin Page. Flying Frogs and Walking Fish: Leaping Lemurs, Tumbling Toads, Jet-Propelled Jellyfish, and More Surprising Ways That Animals Move. illus. by Steve Jenkins. 40p. bibliog. HMH. May 2016. Tr $17.99. ISBN 9780544630901.Jenkins, Steve & Robin Page. Flying Frogs and Walking Fish

K-Gr 3 –Every living creature requires a way to travel from one place to another, as showcased in this informative exploration of animal mobility. Jenkins and Page highlight a variety of animals, both familiar (frogs, dogs, and elephants) and unusual (cormorants, sugar gliders, and mudskippers). The engaging narrative is organized by type of locomotion, such as walking, leaping, swimming, climbing, and flying. Two spreads comprise each section. In the first spread, the authors introduce a particular type of movement by explaining why and how a specific animal moves in a unique or unexpected way. The next spread expands upon the concept with further details about other animals. For example, the leaping lizard is followed by a jumping spider, a penguin that rockets from the water, a bounding springbok, and a ring-tailed lemur that vaults from tree to tree. Set against white space, the collage illustrations portray the animals in a subdued palette of earth tones that enhances the natural representation of each creature. They jump, slither, and float across the pages, and the layout of the accompanying text further emphasizes the sense of movement. Back matter provides additional information. VERDICT This fine overview is destined to be a popular addition to any science collection.–Linda L. Walkins, Saint Joseph Preparatory High School, Boston

This review was published in the School Library Journal February 2016 issue.

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