February 24, 2017

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Spring YA Lit from Chronicle | ARC Giveaway

While Maggie is destined to become the president of the United States, Lady Aileana discovers she is a Falconer, responsible for keeping an unruly and powerful faerie population in check. What these girls have in common is grit and determination, great models for kids and teens. Chronicle Books is giving SLJTeen readers a jump on digging into two May releases, The Meaning of Maggie and The Falconer—don’t delay, request your ARC today!

The Meaning of Maggie by Megan Jean Sovern  (Gr 3-7)

Meaning of Maggie“Readers will appreciate Maggie’s humor and rejoice in her growth. This is a remarkable story of a working-class family pulling together in the face of a serious illness.”—School Library Journal, starred review

Maggie Mayfield will be President of the United States of America one day. That’s not even a question. What is a question is why her cool-dude dad is in a wheelchair, why he had to quit his job, and what she can do to fix him. Because for Maggie, solutions are always somewhere to be found, just like the last elusive piece in a jigsaw puzzle. But she’s about to find out the truth is big and complicated—even for an A+ student .

To request an ARC please visit: http://budurl.com/TheMeaningofMaggie

The Falconer by Elizabeth May (Gr 7 Up)

The FalconerShe’s a proper Scottish debutante by day, and a vicious fairy-killer avenging her mother’s death by night. Lady Aileana has come to accept and even relish her strange double life. But even she is taken by surprise when she learns that she is a Falconer, the last in a line of female warriors born with a gift for hunting and killing faeries, and the sole hope of containing a powerful faerie population underground before it can resurface and destroy her world.

To request an ARC visit: http://budurl.com/SLJTheFalconer

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