April 26, 2017

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Fight the Summer Slide—with a Library Card | Annie Murphy Paul


How to counter the “summer slide”? Simple, kids during the out-of-school months should read more books, according to Annie Murphy Paul. And libraries play a critical role, as the journalist and author documents in a recent post, republished below.

Murphy Paul, who writes a weekly column for Time.com and has written several books, including The Cult of Personality (S&S, 2005) and the upcoming Brilliant: The New Science of Smart (Crown, 2014), specializes in how people learn.

This fall, she will deliver the keynote address at SLJ’s Leadership Summit held this year in Austin, TX, September 28-29.


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To learn more about the summit and to register, visit the event page or email sljevents@mediasourceinc.com.


Photo by John Morgan.

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