April 25, 2014

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Pick of the Day: The Titanic Inquiry (DVD)

titanic inquiry Pick of the Day: The Titanic Inquiry (DVD)The Titanic Inquiry. DVD. 59 min. Prod. by Network Ireland. Dist. by MVD Entertainment Group. 2011, 2012 release. ISBN unavail. $59.97.
Gr 9 Up–The fate of steamship Titanic is probably one of the best-known incidents of the 20th century. There was just one inquiry into the cause of the ship’s sinking. This absorbing dramatic recreation focuses on the question of whether the death toll might have been reduced—or eliminated—if help had come from a nearby ship, the Californian. Based on the transcripts of the actual 1912 Irish hearing as well as dialogue created on the basis of background research, the scenario of actions or inactions of the the Californian’s captain on that tragic night is reconstructed. Viewers will be intrigued by the courtroom drama and the discussion among the ship’s crew about what seems to have occurred on the ship closest to the Titanic. The actors, setting, and dialogue are all remarkably convincing. A chapter selection option is valuable when this film is utilized in a classroom setting.–Dwain Thomas, formerly Lake Park High School, Roselle, IL