April 25, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

Coding in the Real World—and How We Need to Teach It

Wednesday, Apr. 25, 2018, 3PM-4PM ET / 12PM-1PM PT
Tech skills are key to workforce readiness. But the question remains: Are we teaching computer science the right way? A diverse panel of educators and working programmers will offer their insight and advice on what computer science learning should look like.
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Live Streaming Event with Katherine Applegate

Tuesday, May 1, 2018, 12:30PM-1:30PM ET / 9:30AM-10:30AM PT
Join Katherine Applegate, author of The One and Only Ivan, for a LIVE webcast from the Park School in Mill Valley, CA, as she kicks off the tour for her new series, Endling! She’ll talk about the inspiration behind her books, her journey as a writer, and the ways young readers have impacted her as an author.
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Throw It Back with Penguin’s #TBT Webinar

Thursday, May 10, 2018, 2PM-3PM ET / 11AM-12PM PT
Penguin is throwing it back! Join Penguin Young Readers for a time-traveling webinar focused on historical fiction and nonfiction that will be on shelves in Spring & Summer 2018. This webinar will also feature a conversation between Luann Toth and author Elizabeth Partridge.
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Share Your Story, Share Your Impact

Three award-winning school librarians—including 2018 LJ Movers & Shakers and School Librarian of the Year honorees—will tell the real story of what the library does, from their experiences across a range of environments.
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Be a Change Agent: Best Practices for School Library Advocacy

School librarians are change agents. Join our live webinar to discover learn new approaches and action steps as we explore 6 of 8 best practices, such as how to embrace chaos; start small, think big; zero in on outcomes; and reach out to teachers.
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Librarians’ Insights on How to Integrate Technology into Makerspaces

In this webinar, littleBits discusses best practices on bringing hands-on coding and STEAM into your school’s library makerspace and STEM labs. Whether you’re an educator, a stakeholder, or interested in facilitating maker activities in your school or library setting, you will benefit from attending this session.
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Robotics, Maker Spaces, and Mixed Reality, Oh, My!

A fast-paced, practical share of the hottest tech trends in the classroom and library, and how to implement them. Panelists will tip you on creative ideas in DIY electronics, student-created augmented reality, maker activities, and more.
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Contests, Campaigns & Incentives: Ideas to Engage Students with Reading

Keeping students engaged can be challenging during the last quarter of the school year. Join this webcast to learn how to design a multi-week campaign that drives student excitement for reading, and hear about campaign, incentive and program promotions you can use year round.
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The Newest Graphic Novels: What’s Hot for Spring

What’s looking good for spring? Join moderator Alea Perez along with a panel of insiders who will share some of the hottest graphic novels hitting the shelves this season. Comics are forever pursuing diverse subjects and themes, so be sure to tune in to this lively and informative webcast.
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New Spring Nonfiction for the Library and Classroom

Seeking new titles to excite your nonfiction fans? Look out—they’re right around the corner! Books that inform the mind and inspire the soul are heading your way this spring. Aimed at a wide range of readers, these sets are sure to enrich your collection and provide high-interest material to your readership.
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A Conversation with the 2018 YALSA Excellence in Nonfiction Finalists

Join us for a live webcast featuring the finalists for the 2018 YALSA Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults Award. Learn a bit about these fantastic titles, and hear from the authors and editors about their processes. Don’t miss out on this exclusive event!
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Guiding Readers by Interest, Not Level

Reading is a highly complex activity. Readers must build strategies and create behaviors as they move to increasingly difficult texts. How can schools support this process and teach self-sufficiency as readers progress?
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Talks With Authors

Despite the fact that I told them I dropped an f-bomb back in my first-ever preschool story hour, the powers that be have still decided that I’m going to host my first-ever live webcast, and it’s coming your way this coming Wednesday. For “Exploring Race, Mistakes, and Friendship through Poetry,” I’ll be joined by Irene Latham, […]

Take the Plunge: STREAM

Add an “R,” Reading, to STEAM and ramp up student learning. In this free session, you’ll glean insight from STREAM practitioners and tips on integrating science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, and math.
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Meet Education Hurdles Head On: Tips and Tools for Success!

Helping teachers access a wide range of quality content for classroom assignments and lesson plans can be overwhelming. Attend this live webinar to hear from a Teacher Librarian who has met this challenge head-on and is successfully connecting her users to valuable digital resources.
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Bringing Coding to the Library Makerspace

In this timely webinar, you’ll learn about best practices for introducing coding to your library makerspace and how you can support coding initiatives in your school or district. You’ll also learn how tools like littleBits can give students the foundations in engineering and coding that will be useful no matter what changes lie around the corner.
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60 Tools in 60-ish Minutes

Ready for maximum takeaway? This fast-paced event is jammed pack with ideas to engage students. Panelists will tip you on the best applications in VR creation, digital storytelling, making, and more!
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Behind the Scenes: SLJ in Conversation with Children’s Books Editors

Join Shelley Diaz, School Library Journal‘s reviews manager, for a lively conversation with editors and publishing insiders. They’ll discuss their acquisition process, their path to working in publishing, growing relationships with authors and illustrators, and how they feel about the fall season buzz.
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Worth a Thousand Words: Books for the Youngest Readers

Nothing tells a story like a picture, and early readers thrive on visual stimulation. Join moderator Maria Alegre and a panel of children’s books publishers as they discuss upcoming picture and board books to entice future lifelong readers.
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Defying Definitions: Top Graphic Novels for Fall

From sf/fantasy and coming of age to shonen/shojo manga, superhero twists of fate, an accidental adventure, and YA memoir, the hottest titles for fall offer a mashup of genres and characters from all walks of life. Join LJ Assistant Managing Editor Annalisa Pešek and publishers as they discuss the latest must-have graphic novels.
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