April 27, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

Pick of the Day: Cape Spin! An American Power Struggle (DVD)

Cape Spin! An American Power Struggle excellently chronicles the political, social, and cultural dimensions of the campaign to establish the United States’s first offshore wind farm in Massachusetts’ famed Nantucket Sound.

Pick of the Day: The Light Bulb Conspiracy (DVD)

The Light Bulb Conspiracy. DVD. 75 min./52 min. Video Project. 2011, 2012 release. ISBN unavail. $89.
Gr 9 Up–Using historical photographs, film footage, and interviews with people in Europe, the United States, and Ghana, the female narrator takes viewers from the beginning of mass production in the 1920s with Henry Ford’s Model-T to General Motors’ annual car models to Bernard London’s proposal during the New Deal era for compulsory planned obsolescence that he believed would keep people working and create a […]