June 22, 2018

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SLJ’s May 2018 Popular Picks

A day in the life of an ice cream truck; Mariko Tamaki’s take on Supergirl; three dinosaur tales on DVD; a heartwarming return to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood; and much more in our May Popular Picks!

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Teens Review the Latest from Mercedes Lackey, Laura Amy Schlitz, and Roland Smith

From a superhero-themed YA to a sci-fi retelling of Moby Dick, the following titles have the reviewers of the Kitsap (WA) Regional Library YA Book Group buzzing

Must-Read Middle School Book Club Novels │ JLG’s Booktalks to Go

What would you do if your family was the only one with a fallout shelter and you heard the sirens? Or your mom needs money to save the family restaurant? Or you promised to follow orders no matter what, even if you know they are morally wrong? These are the situations facing the characters in this week’s selections from the editors at Junior Library Guild, our second round-up of book club novels ripe for discussion.

Always an Original: SLJ Talks to ‘Fallout’ Author Todd Strasser

Todd Strasser has been on the children’s and YA literature scene for more than 30 years. His latest book, Fallout (Candlewick, 2013), has received rave reviews from many outlets, and publisher Candlewick has even developed a discussion guide for the book that has direct correlations to the Common Core. We caught up with Strasser to chat about the book, his distinguished career, and his latest project.