April 24, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

TPiB: Comic Book Creations

Today I am hosting my first Teen program for this year’s super hero themed program. This is hands down my favorite SRC theme to date. So many cool, easy and fun things to do. Today I’m just having a kind of informal comic themes Maker program where we will cut up discarded graphic novels/manga/comic books […]

Be a Changemaker Workshops

Sometime last year I got a call from Kirsten Cappy at Curious City asking if I wanted to help her write a series of workshops supporting a book called Be a Changemaker by Laurie Ann Thompson. If you aren’t familiar with Curious City, it’s a site where you can find a variety of book based […]

Book Review and Program Ideas: Playing with Surface Design by Courtney Cerruti

When The Mr. and I were in college, he was an art major. I had the distinct privilege of of learning about an array of artistic ideas while watching him take classes. Because of this experience, or perhaps just because of the moments we’ve shared and the influence he has had on me, I’ve always […]

Take 5: Postcards from France, programs, books and more for a France themed day (Quarto Week) (TPiB)

In my home, Paris is a dream destination. The Tween collects a variety of memorabilia and we tend to collect and read books that take place in France. This post for a Paris themed TPIB has been sitting in my drafts folder for a really, really long time. But I’m finally dusting it off and […]

TPiB: Programming with Straws

@TLT16 Must. Get. So cool! Will have to repeat our Everything is Strawsome program again and add these to it. — Laura Renshaw (@LauraRenshaw1) January 30, 2015 When I was Tweeting about Strawbees on Twitter, Laura Renshaw sent me the above tweet about her library’s Everything is Strawsome program, an obvious play on the popular […]

STEM/STEAM Programming for Teens (an Infopeople webinar) (TPiB)

Yesterday I had the honor of doing my first webinar for Infopeople. The subject was STEM and STEAM programming for teens. Infopeople webinars are free and it looks like you can access the webinar in the archive by filling out a little form. STEM and STEAM Programming for Teens at Infopeople In this webinar I […]

Career Conversations, programming for older teens

What do older teens want out of library programing? Communities differ, but in my area, with teens in a highly demanding school loaded with AP courses and ample, high quality after school activity options, the library’s offerings have tough competition for teens’ precious after school time. The strategy here is not to attempt competing with […]

TPiB: Touch Screen Gloves from the Robot Test Kitchen

There’s no need to spend big bucks on fancy gloves that let you use your touchscreen devices. In this inexpensive and simple program teens can make their own! This is also a great STEM related program for those of us who are more comfortable with traditional craft programs. It’s timely given the winter season fast […]

The Trouble With Teen Programming

Forget centralized programming, adapted kid activities, and advisory boards. Teen activities should be patron-driven, dynamic, and constantly in flux.

Top Chef Shenanigans: From Olives to Marshmallow Fluff – Teen Programming That Works

Ilsley Public Library, located in Middlebury, VT, kicked off its 2012 Teen Summer Reading program on June 22 with a fabulous evening of Top Chef Shenanigans, organized by the library’s fledgling Teen Advisory Group. The event was part of a summer teen program series inspired by the Own the Night summer reading theme.