June 20, 2018

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28 Top Titles | June 2018

A refreshing anthology for teen readers; more middle grade adventures from Kekla Magoon and Matt Phelan; Hesselberth’s feline-centered nonfiction title explores the science of maps.

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Pass Go and Collect $200 by Tanya Lee Stone | SLJ Review

Gr 1-4 –Readers are treated to a colorful historical account of a well-known board game, and the socioeconomic factors that affected its development.

Athletes, Activists, and Other Amazing Women | Women’s History Month

A host of new titles celebrate the achievements of women.

Teens Review the Latest Ellen Hopkins, Goblin Fantasy, and More

Our teen reviewers tackle the latest novel in verse from Ellen Hopkins, an epic fantasy featuring goblins, and Tanya Lee Stone’s nonfiction work based on the acclaimed documentary Girl Rising.

Guest Kvetching: Transparency is Paramount | Consider the Source

Tanya Lee Stone, the noted nonfiction author and a guest columnist this week, addresses a topic that is receiving a great deal of attention in the children’s literature world: full disclosure in nonfiction.

Review: Courage Has No Color

Courage Has No Color: The True Story of the Triple Nickles, America’s First Black Paratroopers by Tanya Lee Stone. Candlewick Press. 2013. Library copy. YALSA Nonfiction Finalist. It’s About: During World War II, the US Armed Forces were segregated. This discrimination also included what roles African American men were, and weren’t, allowed. Combat? No. Cleaning? […]

Courage Has No Color

Courage Has No Color, Tanya Lee Stone Candlewick Press Reviewed from ARC Karyn talked about the emotionally powerful Two Boys Kissing last week, and at the risk of completely echoing her review, I had such a similar reading experience with Courage Has No Color, which moved me to tears. The Triple Nickles dealt with racism in the […]

Pick of the Day: Courage Has No Color (Audio)

Learn about the Triple Nickles, a group of unsung African-American soldiers who became part of the 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion during World War II in the starred audiobook review of Courage Has No Color, written by Tanya Lee Stone and narrated by JD Jackson.

Nonfiction Notes | Inching Toward Women’s History Month

This month, Curriculum Connections’ newest column “Nonfiction Notes” highlights the latest quality nonfiction titles, with a special emphasis on books about women.

Pick of the Day: Courage Has No Color: The True Story of the Triple Nickles: America’s First Black Paratroopers

STONE, Tanya Lee. Courage Has No Color: The True Story of the Triple Nickles: America’s First Black Paratroopers. 160p. appendix. bibliog. chron. notes. photos. reprods. Candlewick. Jan. 2013. Tr $24.99. ISBN 978-0-7636-5117-6; ebook $24.99. ISBN 978-0-7636-6405-3.
Gr 5 Up
–A moving, thoughtful history of the United States military’s first black paratrooper unit. During World War II, African American soldiers were mostly relegated to service and security jobs, generally denied the same training and active-combat positions that were available to their white counterparts. […]

From Cannons to Courage | Nonfiction Notes, January 2013

Educators eager to implement the Common Core standards into their work need look no further than School Library Journal’s newest column, Nonfiction Notes. This month, we examine titles that include biographies, the American Revolution, and exploration.

A Mission Above and Beyond Them | An Interview with Tanya Lee Stone

Author Tanya Lee Stone talked to Curriculum Connections about the importance of visual storytelling in her work “Courage Has No Color: The True Story of the Triple Nickles: America’s First Black Paratroopers.”