April 20, 2018

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SLJ’s Starred Reviews | June 2016

From a new and updated version of the Archie comics to David Shannon’s follow-up to Duck on a Bike to a “Scientists in the Field” book on great white sharks, this month’s starred selections are sure to appeal to readers of all stripes.

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Fusenews: Saving the Second Penny

The problem with this Fusenews feature is that if I don’t do them regularly then the news out there builds up, builds up, builds up, until there’s so much of it out there that I’m almost embarrassed to do anything with it.  Such is the case today!  And, as per usual, I’ll say that I’m […]

Tracking Tapirs with Sy Montgomery | Interview

Why are scientists interested in this elusive creature that looks like a cross between a hippo and an elephant? Sy Montgomery explains.