June 24, 2018

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Jason Reynolds On “Miles Morales,” Spider-Man, and His Secret Superpower

SLJTeen Live! panelist Jason Reynolds talked with SLJ about superpowers, how he fleshed out the Afro-Puerto Rican webslinger’s backstory, and his favorite superhero.

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Comics Censorship, from ‘Gay’ Batman to Sendak’s Mickey | Banned Books Week

Since the 1940s, critics have claimed that comic books and graphic novels corrupt youth by breeding immorality, sexual deviance, and violence. There’s still opposition.

2012 Gift Guide for Pop Culture Geeks and Media Mavens

The Dark Knight screenplays, a Doctor Who board game, The Princess Bride, and a lot more…

Guest Post by Christopher Shamburg… When the Lit Hits the Fan in Teacher Education

Teachers don’t have to teach Harry Potter, Captain America, or World of Warcraft, but they can allow students to build their writing on these stories.

Guest Post by Robin Brenner… This Summer’s Female Heroes: Fighting More Than One Battle (1)

It’s a tough time to be a superheroine fan…

Music and Game Reviews from Young Adults

This time around, our featured music reviews are bicoastal—The Gaslight Anthem hails from New Jersey, and has just released its first album with a major label, while California-based Linkin Park can claim Living Things as their fifth studio album. And after reading the game reviews, I was envisioning a mash-up of The Amazing Spider-Man and Just Dance Greatest Hits—players would swing from building to building, incorporating dance moves!

Superhero Fatigue… or, Does the Genre Even Benefit the Medium Where it Started?

Superheroes: Bigger Than Ever or Industry Obstacle—or Both?

“The Amazing Spider-Man” and the Sin of Rebooting: A Quasi-Movie Review, and Some Talking Points

The new film is not only worth catching, but worth discussing with young moviegoers in a way that touches on the transliterate skills requisite for evaluating this “origin story” across different media and individual texts…

The Webslinger Returns

Is your spider-sense tingling? The Amazing Spider-Man (PG-13) blasts back onto the big screen on July 3, in a new 3D adventure from Marvel Entertainment and Columbia Pictures. This latest release isn’t a continuation of Sam Raimi’s blockbuster trilogy starring Tobey Maguire, but a reboot of the film franchise that presents a new installment in the Spider-Man cinematic opus. Andrew Garfield assumes the red-and-blue, be-webbed mantel in the new motion picture, which is directed by Marc Webb with a screenplay based on Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s classic Marvel comic book.

Watch and Read | Spider-Man: Amazing Again

A fan favorite for 50 years, this friendly neighborhood crime-fighting phenom swings back into action—and into theaters—on July 3. The Amazing Spider-Man(PG-13), a new 3D adventure from Marvel Entertainment and Columbia Pictures, provides a fresh big-screen take on the character by spotlighting his early days. High-school student Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is an outcast who grapples with issues of insecurity and identity, as well as his all-consuming crush on the beautiful and bright Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone).