February 25, 2018

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School Library Budgets Rise 20%, Yet Challenges Remain | Spending Survey 2016

On average, budgets climbed nearly 20 percent in 2015–16 to $8,315. Meanwhile, school librarians report a lack of needed funds to serve special needs children and English language learners. And OER use is up, as is the demand for nonfiction.

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Sticker Shock: Librarians Open Their Wallets

Almost 97 percent of school librarians spend their own money on supplies, according to a recent SLJ poll on out-of-pocket spending.

Tell Us: Have You Gone Out of Pocket for your School Library?

Have you ever opened your own wallet to buy books for your school library? We asked, and you told us. See the results here.

It Takes Two: The Need for Tighter Collaboration Between School and Public Librarians

Numbers can be telling, and the story here presents a stark reality that signals an ideal opportunity to foster a stronger relationship between public and school libraries in ways that better support how kids learn and grow.

The results of SLJ’s first survey of public library spending habits on children’s and young adult services reveals a disturbing trend: only 30 percent of respondents say their library collaborates with local schools to coordinate book purchases to support the curriculum—leaving 70 percent that don’t.