February 24, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

Fast-Tracking a More Radical Approach to Literacies | Editorial

How we engage in programming and teaching literacy is getting more interesting as librarians creatively tackle the massive literacy challenge, even crisis, we face.

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Chaos in Your Children’s Section? Embrace It. | First Steps

Mayhem, schmayhem. If your library’s children’s room is chaotic, it’s proof that the little ones are learning.

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Gretchen Caserotti’s Keynote | SLJ’s Second Annual Public Library Think Tank

On April 25, SLJ’s Public Library Leadership Think Tank took place at Nashville (TN) Public Library. Meridian (ID) Library District director, Gretchen Caserotti, kicked off the day with a heartfelt keynote speech about her professional journey from children’s librarian to library director, and you can listen to it here.

World Peace and Other Infinite Possibilities: Educator John Hunter Talks to SLJ

Veteran teacher, educational consultant, and author John Hunter talks to SLJ about his innovative World Peace Game, unlocking kids’ infinite potential, his faith in young people to improve our world, and how he daily inspires (and is inspired by) his students.

SLJ Giveaway: Signed ARC of Matt de la Peña’s Infinity Ring Bk. 4: ‘Curse of the Ancients’

SLJ is giving away 25 author-signed copies of the latest book in the format-bending “Infinity Ring” series (Scholastic). Written by Matt de la Peña, the middle grade novel Curse of the Ancients continues the adventures of Dak, Sera, and Riq, who are on a quest to set history back on course by traveling to different cataclysmic events in time. Leave comment to enter.

Children’s Librarians, Architects of Dreams | SLJ’s Public Library Think Tank

“The power of books is profound, but power does start in the children’s room. When we connect children with books…we are introducing them to the world,” says Pam Sandlian Smith, director of Colorado’s Anythink Libraries and opening keynote speaker at our first Public Library Leadership Think Tank on Friday. Among the day’s emerging themes: dreaming big, collaboration, innovation, creating community, and believing in the power of kids (and kids’ librarians) to change the world.

Hear Matt de la Peña’s Keynote | SLJ’s Public Library Think Tank

As a self-described nonreader, Matt de la Peña could never have imagined as a kid that books would play an important role in his life. But key encounters with libraries and, more importantly, librarians, who actively sought to engage him, helped open a new world to de la Peña. The author of novels for young adults, including Ball Don’t Lie and Mexican Whiteboy, de la Peña recounted his “path to books” in the closing keynote of SLJ’s Public Library Leadership Think Tank, held April 5 at the New York Public Library.