April 19, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

Blast to the Recent Past | SLJ Spotlight

The following YA titles take place from the 1970s to the mid-aughts, each offering a glimpse of the recent past, and perhaps a little bit of hindsight.

Saying Goodbye | SLJ Spotlight

These tender and affecting picture books deal with loss in an honest and age-appropriate way. While diverse in their subject matter and style, all of the books have a gentle tone, and offer positive and hopeful ways to cope with them.

Family Matters | SLJ Spotlight

From struggling to find footing as a foster kid to having a mom with depression, these YA titles are about working through real-life situations.

Hillary: Beyond the Headlines | SLJ Spotlight

Several recently reviewed books take a close look a presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton.

Magical Mysteries | SLJ Spotlight

Who’s the Roald Dahl of today? Well, filling those storied shoes is a tall order, but there are some excellent and emerging middle grade authors who are taking up the task.

Second That Emotion | SLJ Spotlight

Several recently reviewed picture books for young children tackle the complexities of emotion.

From A Galaxy Far, Far Away… | SLJ Spotlight

Angleberger and fellow authors re-introduce the classic Star Wars series to a newer and younger audience.

They Came from Outer Space | SLJ Spotlight

These YA titles are quite out of this world. The following titles will pique the interest of sci-fi fans and teens looking to the stars for the secrets of the universe.

It’s Your World | SLJ Spotlight

These titles explore individuals and organizations whose research and projects confront environmental issues, while highlighting how kids can make a difference.