February 20, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

In Chicago, Bronzeville School Librarian Layoff Inspires Outrage—and Support

The campus librarian at Daniel Hale Williams School has been laid off, which means the number of librarians on staff at Chicago high schools with a 90 percent or higher African American student now rests at two. It was 19 in 2012.

Pick of the Day: The Other Side (DVD)

The Other Side. DVD. 8 min. Weston Woods. 2012. ISBN 978-0-545-44754-6. $59.95; CD, ISBN 978-0-545-44759-1: $12.95; CD with hardcover book, ISBN 978-0-545-44811-6: $29.95.
K-Gr 4–Clover, an African-American girl, lives on one side of the fence. Annie, a white girl, lives on the other side. Set during segregation, this story shows how the fence divides them. Yet, each is intrigued by the other and both are drawn to test those artificial boundaries that separate and classify. Jacqueline Woodson’s deceptively simple, yet powerfully […]

Pick of the Day: White Water (DVD)

White Water. DVD. 9 min. with tchr’s. guide. Nutmeg Media. 2012. ISBN 1-933938-88-9. $49.95.
K-Gr 3–A young African American boy notices the inequities inherent in segregation in this story (Candlewick, 2012) by Michael S. Bandy and Eric Stein. He is especially struck by the drinking fountains—one for whites only, one for coloreds only. Tony Fragale gives voice to this first-person narrative as the boy becomes increasingly focused on what the “white water” must taste like. He finally devises a plan to […]