March 20, 2018

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Review: The Chocolate War

The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier. Random House. 1974. (over the years, many reprints and imprints!) Library copy. The Plot: Trinity is a school ruled by an elite clique, The Vigils, and the person who runs that clique is Archie Costello. Archie creates  “assignments” for his fellow students: various stunts and pranks. Jerry is a […]

The Chocolate War: Read A Long Part 3

Now, the next part of my readalong of The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier. Previously: Chapters One to Ten. Chapters Eleven to Twenty. Chapter Twenty One Wait a woman! A mother! Who is ignored by her son because all she does is talk “gibberish” and her son is treating her terribly. Well, I’ll say this […]

The Chocolate War: Read A Long Part 2

My readalong of The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier continues. Chapters One to Ten. Chapter Eleven I have to say, the screw stunt is pretty funny. Even though part of me is saying, someone could have gotten hurt. And part of me is saying it was just a little too much, too extreme. And while […]

The Chocolate War: Read A Long Part 1

Remember how I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d read The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier? I can safely say that I did not read it! So, what we have here is my reader response reaction as I read ; it’s consolidated from thirty-odd pages of notes. I’m dividing it out over four days; then, on […]

Childproofed: When Your School Has Inflexible Filters | Scales on Censorship

Pat Scales, chair of the American Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Committee, answers readers’ questions about censorship. This month, Scales addresses what to do when your school has inflexible or strict Internet filters, including strategies for aiding students in completing research assignments and advice on instituting new policies for challenged materials.

SLJ Talks to Legendary Book Editor Frances Foster

School Library Journal sat down with renowned children’s book editor Frances Foster to discuss her long, illustrious career working with children’s book stars like Roald Dahl and Peter Sís, her experiences coming across the manuscripts of a fourteen-year-old Polly Horvath, and how it felt editing the Newbery-award winner Holes.