February 20, 2018

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Despite Citywide Cuts, West Philadelphia Alliance for Children Opens 18th School Library

“In terms of school libraries, are we [Philadelphia] becoming a third world country?” asks Deb Kachel of the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association. The West Philadelphia Alliance for Children says no. The nonprofit has been partnering with schools to reopen school libraries.

Free Mackin Ebooks; Qlovi’s Common Core Platform; E-Rate Filing Opens | News Bites

Here are our latest briefs on a digital publishing mini-MOOC, free Mackin ebook bundles, Qlovi’s Common Core platform, an archived copyright tweetchat, Multicultural Children’s Book Day, Philadelphia’s Year of the Bard, the E-Rate filing window, and the NAACP Image Awards.

The view from my circ desk vs. stories of heartbreaking inequity

“There are 242 schools in the School District of Philadelphia. Only 16 librarians are left standing across that line. And what my [former] city colleagues tell me, is that NO Philadelphia public high schools have certified school librarians,” writes Joyce Valenza. “Consider this divide.”

Pop-Up Libraries Blossom in Philadelphia and Beyond

The books come by the hundreds almost daily. Boxes dropped off from yoga clubs, suburban book drives, and schools to be handed out at the Mighty Writers Street Libraries—pop-up libraries recently launched in Philadelphia to offer books to the city’s students and parents who watch as their access to titles diminish.

In Philadelphia, School Librarians Still In Flux

Already hobbled, Philadelphia schools are facing their first day with fewer school librarians—continuing a trend in the metropolitan school district and the state of Pennsylvania as well. Of the approximately 22 remaining certified school librarians working in the Philadelphia school district, some are not returning to their school librarian positions.

Philadelphia Begins Laying Off School Librarians

Facing a $304 million shortfall for the coming year, Philadelphia’s public schools have started making severe cuts from its so-called “doomsday budget” —many of them to the 43 certified school librarians throughout the district.

Philadelphia May Cut Its School Librarians

Philadelphia school children are facing an education without librarians—as well as nurses, counselors, athletic coaches, summer school, and school secretaries—because of a $304 million budget shortfall for the 2013–2014 school year.