February 22, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

Curveballs, Cooking, and a ‘Cosmobiography’ | Nonfiction Notes, May 2014

This month’s selections include titles that will satisfy readers with passions from music to sports and history to cooking. They’ll also make great titles to add to your summer reading lists.

Fractals, Dinosaurs, and Medical Mysteries | Nonfiction Notes, April 2014

It’s Spring publishing season and we’ve highlighted a few of the exciting new titles that are being offered this season, ranging from a lucid explanation of a math concept for young readers to a collection of oral histories of individuals who went into hiding in the Netherlands during World War II. You’ll also find mysteries—medical and mythological, and a few art books.

Nonfiction Notes | March 2014

This month’s selection of new nonfiction titles includes a little bit of everything: biography, memoir, science, and history—cultural and political.

History—and a Dash of Poetry | Nonfiction Notes, January 2014

Titles highlighted this month feature individuals, events, and policies germane to our nation’s history—and a dash of poetry.

From the Notorious to the Notable | Nonfiction Notes, September 2013

The fall publishing season is in full swing and with it comes a selection of stellar nonfiction to add to library and classroom collections.

Possibilities and Potential Disasters | Nonfiction Notes July 2013

In this month’s column, the lives and work of scientists both past and present feature prominently.

Confrontations & Queries | Nonfiction Notes, April 2013

From a teen eyewitness account of the Battle of Gettysburg to an investigation of those pointy-nose Darwin frogs (with some very unusual brooding habits) to an examination of science myths, we’ve selected a few nonfiction books publishing this month that you’ll want to display, booktalk, and put in the hands of your patrons.