May 23, 2018

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Free School Supplies; Mentoring Opportunity; Grant Applications | News Bites

The South Asia Book Awards, Teen Read Week prep, America’s 100 favorite books, and more.

Nashville’s Pride: Lakisha Brinson, 2015 School Librarian of the Year Finalist

At Robert E. Lilliard Elementary School in Nashville, TN, Lakisha Brinson used a wide array of books, electronic media, and apps to bring social studies to life, particularly during Black History Month lessons.

This article was published in School Library Journal's September 2015 issue. Subscribe today and save up to 35% off the regular subscription rate.

How to ‘Speak Administrator’ | Pivot Points

District administrators want new collaborations between school districts, businesses, and higher education. Librarians can help by gaining a better understanding of local and global educational priorities and facilitating external relationships.

This article was published in School Library Journal's November 2014 issue. Subscribe today and save up to 35% off the regular subscription rate.

Nashville Public Library Partners with Local School Libraries to Boost Results for Students

Librarian Tricia Bengel of Nashville Public Library shares her story about teaming up with local school librarians and offers practical tips for others in the industry.

Top Stories of the Week

The loss of a giant in the field, Walter Dean Myers, is juxtaposed against the ongoing tension around print/digital and our popular feature on music’s role in early learning in our top 10 stories of the past week.

Nashville Public Library Reinvents Its Summer Reading Model, Sees Early Success

Children’s librarian Lindsey Patrick recounts how Nashville Public Library redesigned its summer reading program into a flexible model that addressed the drop in participants and transformed the usual stress of summer into an exciting challenge for patrons and staff.

Gretchen Caserotti’s Keynote | SLJ’s Second Annual Public Library Think Tank

On April 25, SLJ’s Public Library Leadership Think Tank took place at Nashville (TN) Public Library. Meridian (ID) Library District director, Gretchen Caserotti, kicked off the day with a heartfelt keynote speech about her professional journey from children’s librarian to library director, and you can listen to it here.

Puppet-Savvy Nashville Librarian Earns the Toyota Family Teaching Award

A Nashville librarian who created family literacy workshops and carefully tracked her programs’ outcomes is the winner the 2014 Toyota Family Teacher of the Year award.

Libraries with No Bounds: How Limitless Libraries transformed Nashville Public Schools’ libraries

An ambitious partnership between Nashville Public Library (NPL) and Metro Nashville Schools has resulted in a successful program called Limitless Libraries.