February 21, 2018

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This Song Will Save Your Life: Push by Matchbox Twenty, a guest post by author Leila Sales (Blog Tour)

I am a pretty huge fan of This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales. For one, it is about music, which I love, and how music can in fact save you. On Sunday we discussed some of the songs that have saved TLT. And tucked away in the pages of This Song Will […]

Sunday Reflections: The Songs that Saved TLT

What makes you feel most like you? For me, the obvious answers are being with my family and being in the library. The less obvious answer is when I slap on a pair of headphones and just walk. I started doing this some time around middle school, which is in fact when most kids start […]

I’ll show you WINTER.

Seasonally enough, last night I attended Blizzard of Voices, an oratorio by Paul Moravec (husband to your friend and mine Wendy Lamb). While you might have thought the warm and woody Jordan Hall would have been an oasis in Boston’s horrible weather, Moravec’s commemoration of the 1888 Schoolhouse Blizzard was terrible–in the exactest sense–in its evocation of […]

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Indie Music for Kids: An Essential Playlist

Aided by the web and social media, “kindie” music has entered a new Golden Age. Critic Warren Truitt highlights the best independent bands in kids’ music.

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Webinar: Putting More Music in Our Libraries (Music and Teen Programming)

For some time now I have been putting together a variety of webinars for Florida Library Webinars (with Novare Library Services). So when they asked me months ago about some potential topics for this year, one of the items I wanted to explore was putting more music in my library programming. I must give a […]

Do you read your reviews?

I’ve been reading soprano Barbara Hendricks‘s memoir, Lifting My Voice, and it’s led me not only to a rewarding reacquaintance with her singing but to some thinking about the relationship between the artist and the critic. Hendricks spills a suspicious amount of ink over how she doesn’t pay any attention to critics (whose opinions of her […]

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Out West and Underwater | Multimedia Reviews, August 2014

Bionic pets, great white sharks, and snow monkeys dart across the screen in three DVD documentaries while Brian Floca’s award-winning Locomotion arrives as an audiobook. Or, plunge under the sea with Jacques Cousteau or hop into the box ring with Joe Louis in two adaptations of acclaimed picture books

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Girl Power! All about that acceptance

In the past couple of weeks I’ve come across a couple of videos that refreshingly reaffirm the importance of girls’ voice and what beauty is really about. In case you missed them  . . . Twenty-year-old Nashville songwriter Meghan Trainer creates a pastel universe that is all about acceptance and positive body image in her […]

Top Stories of the Week

The loss of a giant in the field, Walter Dean Myers, is juxtaposed against the ongoing tension around print/digital and our popular feature on music’s role in early learning in our top 10 stories of the past week.

Caillou, Josephine Baker, and Music Galore | Multimedia Reviews

Reviews of DVDs and audiobook for kids of every age, plus a roundup of children’s music

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Spotlight on Musicians and Fine Artists | Focus On

Here’s a collection of picture-book biographies that introduces musicians and fine artists to children. The authors and illustrators have created engaging, child-friendly profiles that will hopefully lead readers to explore and seek out other materials about these amazingly talented individuals.

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Pick of the Day: Fantastico! | Audio

The Los Angeles kindie-pop group Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band are back with their most unique album to date, Fantastico!, performed all in Spanish. Read the starred review.

Pick of the Day: When the World Was New | Audio

Dean Jones has never sounded as fresh, funky, and fun as he does on his new CD, When the World Was New, his third solo recording, loosely centered on evolution and human nature. Read the starred review.

Teens Review Keith Urban, NIN, and ‘Splinter Cell Blacklist’ | Music and Games

Both Keith Urban and Nine Inch Nails are stretching their musical wings in new releases. On ​Fuse, listeners will hear more than a classic country sound from Urban. ​Hesitation Marks​ doesn’t include a single scream from Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor. ​Splinter Cell Blacklist​ relies on its classic formula—”seek and destroy while staying out of sight.”

Pick of the Day: Recess | Audio

Classic rock, power pop, ska, and country musical styles are evident in the 12 original songs by Justin Roberts on his new album, Recess. Learn more about these catchy tunes in the starred review.

Wild Awake

Wild Awake, Hilary T. Smith Katherine Tegen Books, May 2013 Reviewed from ARC Nominate in haste, repent at leisure? Well, not quite. But… I’m not entirely surprised no one, in effect, seconded this one. Wild Awake is a debut, and while I don’t have a full sense of the year’s debut slate, from what I’ve […]

Teens Review John Mayer’s ‘Paradise’, ‘Madden 25’, and More

I’m not sure what was more of a surprise to me—that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around for 30 years, or that the John Madden videogame football franchise goes back twenty five years! John Mayer has some ground to make up; his first album debuted in 2001, an Internet only album titled ​Room for Squares​. Hopefully he’ll have the longevity of the turtles and one particular earthbound former football coach.