May 21, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

Good Inventions: Tech Innovations that Help the Community

A school librarian leads student tech projects to design pet prosthetics and traffic safety vests with LED displays.

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Local Heroes: Librarians Address Inequity Where They See It

The individuals who spearheaded these bold library initiatives were driven by a goal to improve service for all users.

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Pictures of the Week | Librarians Tat Up

“Library Journal” Movers & Shakers and “Dr. Who” fans Matthew Winner and Sherry Gick show commitment to their profession with freshly inked tattoos that say “Mover and Shaker” in Gallifreyean.

Launching a Dialogue About Sexual Violence in YA Lit—and in Real Life

Librarian and “Teen Librarian Toolbox” website creator Karen Jensen is empowering librarians to talk about sexual violence (SV) in books, and more significantly, to help teens who’ve experienced SV themselves.

Up Close with Library Journal’s 2013 Youth Services Movers & Shakers

The 2013 class of Movers & Shakers represents the many outstanding, diligent, and creative librarians working in the field today. Karyn M. Peterson, SLJ news editor, had the opportunity to get an in-depth look into the innovative programs, important milestones, and daily inspirations of the 13 youth services librarians that were honored this year for their work with children and teens in public libraries and school media centers. We’ve gathered these interviews into a resource page for your future use.

Achievement Unlocked: Up Close with Teacher Librarian Matthew C. Winner

Teacher librarian Matthew C. Winner, media specialist at Longfellow Elementary School in Columbia, MD, is having the year of his life. Thanks to his boundless enthusiasm for student learning and engagement, Maryland’s 2012 Outstanding User of Technology Educator can also claim a few more distinctions: Mover & Shaker, White House “Champion of Change,” and published author. Ahead of ISTE’s annual conference, Winner shared his thoughts on school libraries and his exciting plans for the future.

Pictures of the Week: White House Honors Matthew C. Winner, “Champion of Change”

On June 11, The White House honored 12 museum and library “Champions of Change” who are making a difference “for their neighborhoods and for our nation” in a ceremony in Washington, D.C., including 2013 Mover & Shaker Matthew C. Winner, pictured here with his wife, Aimee Winner.

White House Honors Library “Champions of Change”

The White House today honored 12 museum and library “Champions of Change” who are making a difference “for their neighborhoods and for our nation” in a ceremony in Washington, D.C. Two of the IMLS honorees were named as 2013 Movers & Shakers.

Islands of Adventure | Up Close with Michelle Perera

Michelle Perera, assistant director of the Rancho Cucamonga Library (CA) and 2013 Mover & Shaker, has broken amazing new ground. Her efforts to expand programming, infrastructure, and professional development have garnered grant funding and awards, and her plan to build interactive exhibits for children—now trademarked as the Play and Learn Islands—is being expanded to other libraries. In this interview, Perera shares with us her inspirations and passions, and some of the secrets behind Rancho Cucamonga’s success.

Sacramento’s Summer Reading Standout: Up Close with Christy Aguirre

Librarian Christy Aguirre—supervisor of the Southgate branch of the Sacramento Public Library (CA), 2013 Mover & Shaker, and noteworthy neighborhood networker—knows how to stop the summer slide. Her literacy outreach efforts have helped triple the branch’s summer reading program to more than 2,000 participants. We caught up with Aguirre to learn more about her inspirations and passions, the ways she collaborates with her community, and her thoughts on the future of public library youth services.

It Takes Two: Up Close with Librarians Margaux DelGuidice and Rose Luna

“[Our] library in Freeport is the heart of that community,” says 2013 Mover & Shaker Margaux DelGuidice, who shares duties with fellow honoree Rose Luna at the Freeport Memorial Library in Long Island, NY. These two powerhouses also hold full-time teacher librarian positions at two area high schools, and have devoted countless hours to professional advocacy. In our interview, they share their inspirations and passions, their best practices for constructive collaboration, and their goals for the future of libraries.

Storytelling Star: Up Close with Bilingual K–5 Librarian Lisa Lopez

Zavala Elementary School librarian Lisa M. Lopez, the unofficial Little Free Library ambassador to El Paso, TX, and 2013 Mover & Shaker, talks to School Library Journal about her passion for storytelling, her tireless efforts to advocate for bilingual literacy through Día de los niños/Día de los libros (Children’s Day/Book Day) celebrations, and the ways she inspires her students.

Literacy Leader: Up Close with Melissa Zymboly Depper

Melissa Zymboly Depper, children’s and family services librarian at the Arapahoe Library District in Centennial, CO, and 2013 Mover & Shaker, talks about her passion for the profession, her favorite read-aloud titles, the importance of collaboration and community, and why the library is critical to giving every child a good start in life.

Storytime, Science, and Silliness: Up Close with Librarian Susan Anderson-Newham

2013 Mover & Shaker Susan Anderson-Newham, early learning supervising librarian at the Pierce County Library System in Tacoma, WA, talks about the importance of collaboration and a good sense of humor to her work, why hands-on play is key to kids’ learning, and her top early learning picture books of all time.

Building Bridges: Up Close with Librarian Assistant Rebecca Zarazan Dunn

“If you can bring the community into the library, those children will ultimately flourish. And if a library can go outside of its walls, you’re only expanding the area in which young people can be affected,” says Rebecca Zarazan Dunn, 2013 Mover and Shaker, lifelong bookworm, blogger, advocate, youth services librarian assistant for the Lawrence Public Library (KS), and soon-to-be MLIS candidate. In this interview, Dunn shares her top kids’ book picks of all time, her inspirations and passions, and why it’s critical for public librarians to collaborate with school librarians and teachers.

A Voice for Teens: Up Close with Youth Librarian Lindsey Tomsu

In our candid interview with Library Journal Mover & Shaker Lindsey Tomsu, new youth librarian and teen club advisor extraordinaire at La Vista Public Library (NE), she shares with SLJ her top teen book picks, her dealings with Dewey, her inspirations and passions, why teens matter so much, and her views on the future of youth services.

Wheels of Change: Up Close with Outreach Librarian Richard Lyda

“We’re bringing services to people who either would not or could not access them otherwise….[it] truly does change lives,” says Library Journal Mover & Shaker Richard Lyda, outreach librarian at Arapahoe Library District in Centennial, CO. In our follow-up interview, Lyda shares with SLJ his strategies for effective community outreach, what’s next for him in his district, and much more.

Creating Community: Up Close with Youth Librarian Kirby McCurtis

Mover & Shaker Kirby McCurtis, new youth librarian and storytime standout at Multnomah County Library (MCL) in Portland, OR, shares with us her top book picks (for storytime and beyond), her inspirations and passions, her strategies for meeting the needs of her entire diverse community, and her views on the future of youth services.

Gaming Guru: Up Close with ‘Justin the Librarian’

Justin Hoenke, Portland Public Library’s very first teen services librarian, has had a super productive few years, with even bigger plans on the horizon. In this first of a dozen interviews with the youth services librarians named as 2013 Library Journal Mover & Shakers, we explore in more detail what makes Hoenke tick—his inspirations, his passions, and his vision for the future of teen services.