February 21, 2018

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Hermes: Tales of the Trickster by George O’Connor | SLJ Review

Gr 4-8 –Hermes, Greek god of thieves and liars (and much more), gets his due in the latest installment of the “Olympians” series.

As the Crow Flies by Melanie Gillman | SLJ Review

Gr 6 Up –Charlie, 13, is excited to embark on an all-girls Christian camp’s backpacking trip.

Garbage Night by Jen Lee | SLJ Review

Gr 5 Up –This continuation of Lee’s previous short graphic tale “Vacancy” (included at the end of this book) is a compelling work of friendship and survival in a confusing postapocalyptic world.

The Witch Boy by Molly Ostertag | SLJ Review

Gr 4-7 –Aster belongs to a magical family, but he is having problems with one of the most basic rules: shapeshifting is for boys, while witchcraft is for girls.

Review of the Day: Bolivar by Sean Rubin

Bolivar By Sean Rubin Archaia (a division of BOOM Entertainment) $29.99 ISBN: 9781684150964 Ages 7-12 On shelves November 28th It took a year and a half for me to notice, but by then it was too late. I moved to the Chicago area from New York City in what can only be described as a […]

All’s Faire in Middle School by Victoria Jamieson | SLJ Review

JAMIESON, Victoria. All’s Faire in Middle School. illus. by Victoria Jamieson. 248p. Dial. Sept. 2017. Tr $20.99. ISBN 9780525429982.

Gr 4-8 –Helping her parents with their jobs at the Renaissance Faire is all 11-year-old homeschooler Imogene “Impy” Vega has ever known. While working with her family is fun, she wants to go to middle school and meet kids her own age. Unfortunately, sheltered Impy is ill-equipped for the realities of draconian teachers, frenemies, and boys. Her new challenges begin to wear her down, and […]

Graphic Novels: The Wonderful World of Germs | September 2017 Xpress Reviews

A vibrant graphic novel explores the wonders of the human immune system in this month’s Xpress review.

This article was published in School Library Journal's September 2017 issue. Subscribe today and save up to 35% off the regular subscription rate.

Pashmina by Nidhi Chanani | SLJ Review

CHANANI, Nidhi. Pashmina. illus. by Nidhi Chanani. 176p. First Second. Oct. 2017. Tr 16.99. ISBN 9781626720879.

Gr 4-8 –Priyanka is a teenage girl who loves to draw. Her mother emigrated from India years ago, leaving Pri’s father behind. Pri is eager to learn about her father and her Indian heritage, but her mother refuses to discuss the subject. Then Pri finds an old pashmina in her mother’s suitcase, and when she puts it on, she is magically transported to the India of her dreams. […]

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery | SLJ Review

MONTGOMERY, L.M. Anne of Green Gables. adapted by Mariah Marsden. illus. by Brenna Thummler. 232p. Andrews McMeel. Oct. 2017. pap. $10.99. ISBN 9781449479602.

Gr 3-7 –A jewel-toned graphic novel adaptation of the beloved classic. This abridged version of Anne of Green Gables appropriately condenses the longtime favorite into a more accessible volume, but it doesn’t cut out the spirit of Montgomery’s effervescent heroine. As chatty, imaginative, and scatter-brained as ever, the redheaded protagonist and her new family and town are brought to vivid life by the […]

Swing It, Sunny by Jennifer L. Holm | SLJ Review

HOLM, Jennifer L. Swing It, Sunny. illus. by Matthew Holm. 224p. Scholastic/Graphix. Sept. 2017. Tr $24.99. ISBN 9780545741705. pap. 12.99. ISBN 9780545741729.

Gr 4-6 –It’s autumn of 1976, and Sunny has just entered middle school. Her older brother, Dale, has been sent to boarding school to help with his drug problem, and life isn’t the same at home. But Sunny tries to stay positive. She and her best friend plan their Halloween costumes, watch popular TV shows, listen to records, and read comics. […]

Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid by Metaphrog | SLJ Review

METAPHROG. Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid. illus. by Metaphrog. 80p. Papercutz. Apr. 2017. Tr $13.99. ISBN 9781629917399.

Gr 4 Up –This retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s story about a young mermaid who falls in love with a human prince and sacrifices her voice in order to become human may bewilder readers who know only the more sanitized adaptations of the tale. But those who are familiar with or curious about the original will appreciate this faithful graphic novel […]

Review of the Day: Real Friends by Shannon Hale, ill. LeUyen Pham

Real Friends By Shannon Hale Artwork by LeUyen Pham Color by Jane Poole First Second (an imprint of Roaring Brook Press, Macmillan) $12.99 ISBN: 978-1-62672-785-4 Ages 9-12 On shelves now. The autobiography assignment. I don’t pretend to know precisely why teachers give it out or what they hope child readers will get out of it. […]