April 19, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

Humor That is Seriously Funny | Focus On

Writing about humor is a good way to suck all the fun out of it, so please—feel free to skip straight to the booklist.

College Readiness: Librarians Can Help the Transition | On Common Core

Education buzzwords—whole language, multiple intelligences—come and go, but 45 states chose to adopt the Common Core Learning Standards. The questions educators now face are what types of instruction help students develop these skills? And how do librarians insert themselves into these critical discussions?

Kids Suffer When Librarians Are Cut from Schools | Feedback

Check out School Library Journal’s reader responses to Rebecca Miller’s editorial, “The Cost of Cuts,” the review of Dig Those Dinosaurs, and more.

The Best PowerPoint Alternatives for Creating Great Presentations

We’ve all endured “death by PowerPoint.” It’s a painful experience for the audience and probably not all that fun for the presenter either. To help students deliver effective presentations—free of those deadly bullet points—SLJ columnist Richard Byrne cites his go-to applications.

Summer Reads | Libro por libro

“Summer is the time when you can read what you want to read, not what you have to read.” With that in mind, here is some middle-grade fiction and poetry that is perfect to suggest to young bilingual readers who are looking for something to read for pleasure.

What Are You Afraid Of? We Can’t Afford to Hesitate | Project Advocacy

Educators “must be fearless in advocating for our students’ needs,” says Carolyn Foote. In this debut of her SLJ column, “Project Advocacy,” Foote provides school librarians and media specialists with a “seed kit” of inspiration for stepping out and building a professional network and leveraging the autonomy of your library program.

SLJ Reviews Information Literacy Courseware ResearchReady

What is ResearchReady? The new information literacy courseware is “just about everything we try and teach condensed into a single convenient, Web-based and tablet-friendly can,” according to SLJ columnist Jeff Hastings.

20 Outstanding Nonfiction Books | Core Essentials

Author and Common Core expert Kathleen Odean reveals great titles to tap as you work with the new standards.

Self-Published Ebooks not a Solution for K-12 Schools

While self-published titles may be an option for public libraries when it comes to acquiring ebooks, not so for schools, according to SLJ columnist Christopher Harris, who lays out the ongoing challenges for ebook adoption in K-12.

SLJ’s 2013 Job Satisfaction Survey | What’s Not to Love?

SLJ’s 2013 job satisfaction survey reveals widespread happiness among librarians, but challenges persist.

Rourke eRead and Report: Fiction and Nonfiction ebooks for K-12, with assessment features built in

Rourke’s “eRead and Report” database provides one-stop shopping for schools and libraries seeking informational ebooks. Each title is not only Common Core compliant, but comes with student assessment functions as well, with test results immediately available to teachers. Students can search the entire ebook collection to which their library subscribes, or teachers can assign particular books and observe student progress within the system.

Best of Apps & Enhanced Books | May 2013

From penguins to trucks, this month’s column includes apps for a range of ages and interests featuring stunning photos, colorful artwork, amusing interactivity, and delightful animations.

Book/Multimedia Review Stars List | May 2013

May, a month of “ducky” stars.

Architects of Dreams: Anythink’s Pam Sandlian Smith on the Power of Children’s Librarians

Anythink’s dynamic director explores how children’s services librarians will shape the future of libraries, libraries as places of discovery and experience, and the shift toward participatory librarianship.

World Peace and Other Aspirations: The Role of Play | Editorial

Pam Sandlian Smith’s ongoing reinvention of library service at the Anythink Libraries in Colorado shows what leadership exercised in a spirit of wonder and playfulness can achieve. John Hunter’s World Peace Game takes playing to a new level for learning. We can all learn from both.

Fiction Series Update | May 2013

The latest installments in intriguing adventures, gripping sci-fi, and more.

Professional Reading | May 2013

Practical advice for teen services.

Graphic Novels | May 2013

Philippe Coudray’s Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas! Is laugh-out-loud funny.

Grades 5 & Up | May 2013

Look for reviews of first books in debut fiction series.

Preschool to Grade 4 | May 2013

From Alice B. McGinty’s Gandhi to Amy Novesky’s Mister and Lady Day, picture book biographies make a showing.