April 24, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

The Land of Fire and Ice | Iceland’s “Upstart Island”

Author and scientist Loree Griffin Burns reports on a trip to Surtsey with a group of Icelandic scientists.

Highly Anticipated Follow-Ups from Gail Jarrow, John Lewis, and More | Nonfiction Grades 5 & Up

If your students enjoyed Gail Jarrow’s medical mystery Red Madness and John Lewis’s graphic novel memoir March, they’re in luck. Jarrow’s Fatal Fever takes a look at Typhoid Mary, while Lewis’s March: Book Two delves further into the civil rights struggle. And don’t miss the rest of the nonfiction targeted at older readers this month.

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Apps for Earth Day | Touch and Go

If your resolve to reduce your use of plastic ever wavers, even slightly, consider the Eastern Garbage Patch, an area of the Pacific Ocean where currents converge to create a floating landfill the size of Alaska. We’re ‘Tracking Trash’—and more—in our column devoted to Earth Day.