April 22, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

MakerSpace: Legos! The one tool every makerspace needs?

I maintain that a genuine staple of a good MakerSpace can be found in Legos. Make no mistake, Legos are not cheap, but they have a versatility about them. And you can get around the cost of Legos by buying random bulk packages off of Amazon. You have no idea what kinds of pieces you […]

Fusenews: Giant Brick Party

Sweet little Friday is upon us.  Let us celebrate the rapid approach of the weekend with ridiculousness.  And that particular item I have in spades.   First off, I’m so pleased and proud and delighted to inform you that my husband of the Cockeyed Caravan blog has written a book.  And what a book!  Published […]

Hey, I Built a LEGO Wall! Here’s How.

An elementary school librarian quickly assembled an inexpensive LEGO wall with donated LEGO bricks, crowdsourced advice, and good humor.

Video Sunday: Spiritual Otters and Evangelical Raccoons

Woot!  I’ve scraped and saved and slavered and after a couple weeks have culled together enough videos to constitute a truly lovely Video Sunday.  And since Halloween is near upon us (a holiday I will, strangely enough, be spending at an outside wedding in Maine) why not begin with the king of frightening children’s literature […]

Block Party: Legos in the Library

Nothing attracts boys like a Lego club

Go ahead, say it. Toys don’t belong in the library. That’s probably what some of you still think. But my library outside Philadelphia was having such a hard time attracting boys who had outgrown storytime that we decided to try something new. So we started a Lego club.

Photo by Molly Carroll

Since our June 2008 kickoff, we’ve been amazed by how many kids show up for our program just to play with these colorful […]