April 19, 2018

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Anna and the Swallow Man

Anna and the Swallow Man, Gavriel Savit Knopf, January 2016 Reviewed from ARC For the first posted coverage of the season, I thought I’d start with one of the earliest publication dates on our list. Anna and the Swallow Man came out in January. It had huge pre-publication push; we received at least 4 copies […]

Translator is here. Forget the four walls thing.

I am convinced. Global is a critical new literacy.  Now there’s no reason not to be global and to live it with learners. Just around a year ago I wrote a post about being  blown away by Microsoft’s demo of Skype’s Translator service for real-time conversations with captions across language barriers.  While it’s been available […]

Writing, Words, and Wondering: Language and Literacy | Series Made Simple Fall 2012

Books about foreign languages, genre writing, research, and grammar make up this eclectic group of literacy and language books. There are some strong collections in the bunch that combine snappy writing with fresh perspectives on old subjects.