February 25, 2018

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To the Forbidden City and Beyond, a Skateboard Party, and a Child Star’s Tribulations | Fiction Series Update

This month, we bring you the latest in updates to existing fiction series. Chapter-book readers will find plenty to cheer about, including an adventure in the Forbidden City, a young girl’s trials and tribulations on and off the set of a sitcom, and a class hamster’s attempts to help his students win a trivia competition.

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Pick of the Day: Zero the Hero (CD)

Zero the Hero. By Joan Holub. CD. 12:45 min. with hardcover book. Spoken Arts. 2012. ISBN 0-8045-4242-2. $29.95.
Gr 1-3–Zero dons superhero garb and tries to change his reputation because he’s tired of feeling like nothing. It’s clear that he makes no impact in addition, subtraction, or division. And in multiplication he sends the other numbers fleeing in fear of extinction. Finally, in despair, Zero rolls away. However, once he’s gone the other numbers miss him. They can’t make 10. They […]