April 19, 2018

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Cover Reveal: HOW YOU RUINED MY LIFE by Jeff Strand

Have you read any Jeff Strand? That’s one of my go to questions for anyone – teen or YA reader – who lament that there are not enough funny books in YA. And I get it, the funny is definitely outnumbered in YA, it truly is. But Jeff Strand is a pretty dependable author when […]

The Power of Humor in YA, a guest post by Jeff Strand

By way of introduction, I present to you dear reader Jeff Strand. Jeff Strand writes funny, irreverent, slap your sides humorous YA. It’s the kind of humor I don’t think there is enough of in YA, though if you like Jeff Strand I do recommend Lish McBride,  Sarah Rees Brennan and Lance Rubin as well. […]

YA Books with Diverse Male Protagonists | JLG’s Booktalks to Go Teen

Survival camp, a witness protection program, superheroes, and Tourette Syndrome are all part of this JLG’s Booktalks to Go Teen this issue. In addition to being great stories, the characters in each title are diverse and boys of color get a long overdue spotlight on the good side.

The Debut: Jeff Strand, Bad Day for Voodoo

I seem to have been on a run with YA titles that border on, no, dive deep into the macabre and violence. At the top of the pile, published just last month, is A Bad Day for Voodoo by Jeff Strand, an established adult author who has also dabbled in screenwriting, comedy, and Pizza Hut placemat poetry. School Library Journal’s reviewer called Strand’s new novel “a delightfully ludicrous read.” I couldn’t agree more. His story of voodoo-doll obsession gone extreme is hilarious and runs at a breakneck pace (inside joke, you’ll have to read it) that will keep readers turning the pages. The three teens at the center, Tyler; his girlfriend, Kelley; and his friend Adam, are ultimately responsible for saving Tyler from certain painful death. Car chases, kidnappings, gangsters, and a zombie teacher all figure in the fun. I talked to Strand about what makes his twisted mind tick.