April 19, 2018

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How To Make Electricity | Touch and Go

Introducing interactive experiments on the iPad that demonstrate principles of electricity.

Nonfiction: Quirky Cuisine, Poetry, Earth Science & More | November 2017 Xpress Reviews

Two contemporary poetry titles, additions to the “Ranger Rick” series and much more in this month’s nonfiction Xpress.

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Mold Gardens and Messy Mixtures

The plethora of projects and experiments suggested in this handful of recent books offer just such inspiration. Rather than simply providing one bare recipe after another, the collections below combine tested sets of ingredients and clearly described procedures with specific explanations of the physical or chemical principles , relevant historical background, probing questions about results, and tantalizing suggestions for further, more challenging experiments—an approach designed to give children both a stronger grasp on how the natural world works and a systematic method for reaching out to conduct enquiries of their own. More importantly, all convey an enthusiasm for science that requires no intervention from parents or educators to prove contagious.