June 18, 2018

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Are Fewer Schools and Libraries Applying To the E-Rate Program?

Last year, the federal program that allows schools and libraries to get funds for internet connectivity switched to an online application process. It was anything but smooth.

Updated: The E-Rate Window Is Wide Open—So What Next?

Libraries and schools applying for E-Rate’s Wi-Fi program have an extra $1.5 billion of funds to tap until the March 26 deadline. Here are some tips and tools to maximize your application.

Five Trends That Make 2015 Worth Celebrating| Editorial

The new year is always a time of optimism. This year in particular, positive tendencies will influence our work in schools and public libraries.

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E-Rate Win for Schools and Libraries: Modernization Order Brings Another $1.5B

The FCC voted another $1.5 billion to E-Rate, a federal subsidy program that brings high speed broadband to schools and libraries, and advocates, including the American Library Assocation and the Association for Rural & Small Libraries, are voicing their cheer.

FCC Approves Another $1.5B for E-Rate Funding

The Federal Communications Commission voted December 11 to bump up funding for WiFi in schools and libraries by another $1.5 billion, increasing the budget to $3.9 billion a year.

FCC Chairman to Propose 62% Funding Increase to Wire Schools, Libraries with Broadband

FCC Chairman Thomas Wheeler is expected to propose raising the annual fund for school Internet access from $1.5 billion to $3.9 billion, reports the New York Times. Part of the overhaul of E-Rate, the expected upgrades to service will come to libraries, too.

FCC Approves E-Rate Plan to Inject $2 Billion into WiFi for Schools and Libraries

On July 11, the FCC narrowly passed the “Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking” for the Program to Modernize E-Rate which translates into $2 billion over the next two years towards WiFi funding in schools and libraries.

The FCC To Vote on $2 Billion E-Rate Proposal, Librarians Are Speaking Out

On July 11, a big E-Rate vote for Wi-Fi funding for schools and libraries is coming up. The latest FCC proposal states that libraries’ Wi-Fi funding be determined by a space’s square footage—$1 per square foot. With $2 billion at stake, librarians across the country are objecting to this funding formula with claims that it doesn’t serve high-need urban libraries where square footage does not represent the number of visitors.

Education Technology Advocacy Group Releases New E-Rate Guidelines

As part of ongoing effort to provide schools and libraries tools in assessing and improving connectivity, an education technology advocacy group releases e-rate guideline.

Free Mackin Ebooks; Qlovi’s Common Core Platform; E-Rate Filing Opens | News Bites

Here are our latest briefs on a digital publishing mini-MOOC, free Mackin ebook bundles, Qlovi’s Common Core platform, an archived copyright tweetchat, Multicultural Children’s Book Day, Philadelphia’s Year of the Bard, the E-Rate filing window, and the NAACP Image Awards.

EdLiNC Calls on FCC to Double E-Rate Funding

The Education Library Networks Coalition—which includes the American Library Association and the International Society for Technology in Education—is calling on the Federal Communications Commission to double the funding for E-rate, according to EdLiNC’s co-chair Jon Bernstein. The coalition also asks that the E-rate program offer more “scalable” goals for local entities, with limited national mandates.

ALA Urges FCC to Accelerate E-Rate Goals

The American Library Association on Monday asked the Federal Communications Commission to accelerate the goals of E-rate, the program that provides discounted Internet access and telecommunications services to U.S. schools and libraries. ALA’s statement specifically calls for faster deployment of high-capacity broadband and new strategic investments in infrastructure, as well as program changes to save costs and streamline the process so that more schools and libraries can participate in the program.

Maine State Librarian Touts E-Rate Success to Senate

Linda Lord, Maine’s state librarian, represented the nation’s 16,400 public libraries Wednesday in her call to Congress to provide a “proactive vision for meeting the educational and learning needs of our communities for the next 15 years and beyond.” Her testimony—at a hearing of the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation—also detailed the success of the E-rate program in helping serve more than 30 million people every week.

ISTE Hopes ConnectEd Stirs Political Will to Fully Fund E-Rate

The White House’s announcement last week of the ConnectEd initiative, President Obama’s urging of the FCC to overhaul the E-Rate program, is only the first step in what must be a larger, committed effort to fully fund technology in our nation’s schools and libraries, the International Society for Technology in Education says.

ALA Hopeful, Excited by White House Push to Overhaul E-Rate Funding

The White House’s announcement Thursday that it is urging the FCC to overhaul E-Rate—the program that provides discounted Internet access and telecommunications services to U.S. schools and libraries—is an important and nearly unprecedented step forward in closing the digital divide, the American Library Association tells SLJ.