May 26, 2018

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YA: A “Doctor Who” Spin-Off, Teen Greek Gods & More | January 2018 Xpress Reviews

An engaging Spanish-language title about life and love; the true tale of a WWI poet; and a layered, multi-voiced new title about police violence from a teen writing collective are featured in January’s YA Xpress.

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Four Futuristic Finds for Teen Readers | SLJ Spotlight

These four YA sci-fi picks are great recommendations for Doctor Who and Feed fans.

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Take 5: Time Travel and Teens, featuring INVICTUS by Ryan Graudin

We are HUGE Doctor Who fans in my house, and many of my teens are as well. So I’m always excited to read a new Time Travel book. So today I am going to review Invictus by Ryan Graudin and share with you a few of my other favorite time travel books for lovers of […]

Sunday Reflections: Today, as the Mother of Daughters, is a Good Day for Geekdom

My Sunday Reflections are usually somber reflections on the world that I see around me, in part because there is a lot to be concerned about. But today, I rejoice. THE NEW DOCTOR IS A WOMAN!! We are huge fans of Doctor Who in the Jensen household. The first thing we recently did upon returning […]

TPiB: Quick Doctor Who Decorations/Ornaments

The other day in the Programming Librarian Interest Group on FB page someone (Melissa Hozik) mentioned that they were having a Doctor Who themed holiday program. And someone (Evan Mather) then mentioned that they should call it a Doctor Wholiday Party. Genius!! As a huge Doctor Who fan I was disappointed in myself for not […]

Allons-y! A Time Lord’s Guide to Great “Doctor Who” Read-Alikes

Librarian Christopher Lassen presents a roundup of titles for tween and teen die-hard and soon-to-be Doctor Who fans.

Bigger on the Inside: Brookline (MA) Public Library’s TARDIS “Awesome Box”

Patrons at the Public Library of Brookline (MA) have an engaging new way to learn about the most recommended items in circulation, thanks to teen librarian Robin Brenner: An “Awesome Box” in the shape of a half-size TARDIS, Doctor Who’s sentient spaceship.

Tweens, Teens, and Time Lords: ‘Doctor Who’ in the Library

Whovians, unite! Saturday, November 23, marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and teachers and youth librarians have been celebrating in recent weeks with a host of Who-themed programming, to the delight of their tween and teen patrons. For many superfans, though, the clever series is inspiring all year long.