March 22, 2018

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Food TPiB: Mug It Edition

Yesterday I talked about cooking with a waffle iron, today were using a mug and a microwave. My source of inspiration: Mug It by Pam McElroy from Zest Books. I can also do this kind of cooking, and it’s a great teen activity. If I can do it, a teen can. And The Teen, The […]

Cooking Up Some Fun | Recipes for Young Chefs

As the holiday season approaches don’t forget to stock your shelves with a few cookbooks.

Eat, Play, Learn: Food-Related Materials to Sink Your Teeth Into | Focus On

With increasing alarm over childhood obesity, there’s a need for strong food and cooking titles. These materials not only have rich tie-ins to history, math, culture and science, they also offer sweet—and savory—rewards.

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